MSC Cruises Introduces Robotic Bartender For New Ship MSC Virtuosa

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MSC's new cutting-edge immersive club will feature the first-ever humanoid, robotic bartender at sea

MSC Cruises has released details of its new interactive MSC Starship Club, which will be available to passengers onboard the MSC Virtuosa when she comes into service in April this year.

The club’s integrated bar and entertainment experience was inspired by MSC Cruises’ vision of the spaceship of the future, MSC Starliner One, and uses state-of-the-art technologies to create a futuristic atmosphere.

Guests will find themselves surrounded by 3D holograms, an immersive digital art wall and a 12-seater infinity digital interactive table from which they can explore space.

The status of the cocktail preparation will be displayed through digital monitors and a ticker-tape-style LED strip above the robotic island, in keeping with the club’s galactic-theme.

The Starship Club’s resident bartender Rob is a human-like robot who can mix and serve both signature and personalised cocktails, as well as engage with socially with guests.

MSC Cruises: robotic bartender, msc virtuosa

He uses his LED face to convey emotion so that passengers can watch his bartending performance whilst they enjoy their cocktail.

Cosmic cocktails are served in custom-designed futuristic glasses, which are free for guests to keep as a lasting souvenir of the MSC Starship Club experience.

Rob’s skills extend beyond the bar to his impressive linguistic ability. He can speak eight different languages and switches between them depending on the nationality of the guest making the order.

He is also capable of telling jokes, teasing customers with tricky riddles and imparting his extensive knowledge of space trivia.

MSC Cruises have been designing the custom-built MSC Starship Club for the last six years, working with leading experts from companies specialising in robotics and automation, interior design and entertainment and digital experience solutions.

MSC Virtuosa will be equipped with a range of other innovative technologies alongside the Starship club, including new and improved systems for protecting the environment.

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