World Cruises - Frequently Asked Questions

Are world cruises worth it?

World cruises boast ultimate itineraries, no matter where they go. An adventure of a lifetime, advantages to world cruises include seeing multiple locations all in one go, as well as planned itineraries and onboard activities. World cruises visit some of the world’s most revered sites, and you will only need to pack once in order to see it all. The shared family experiences and parties and celebrations onboard and ashore make for an experience everyone should embark on. Apart from there being plenty to do, they’re also relaxing and often last a long duration of time, which means for a prolonged alleviating escape.

How long does a round the world cruise take?

A round the world cruise is often 90 to 120 days, but the duration of time ranges. With visits to multiple countries, there’s been a trend toward longer sailing times in recent years. The duration of time is definitely something to consider when booking a world cruise.

What should I pack for a world cruise?

As you could be at sea for weeks or months at a time, it is vital to bring variety of clothing options for all types of weather. Weather can be changeable, and it never hurts to prepare for all eventualities, from sun to rain! Of course, cruise ships will do their best to avoid storms and itineraries will be planned accordingly, so no need to worry.

  • Sea days – bring a few comfortable outfits, such as shorts and t-shirts or jeans and a jumper
  • Dinner and formal nights – dress code may be specific to your cruise line, but bring formal clothing if necessary
  • Gym-wear – if you intend to make use of the gym or any hiking excursions, make sure to pack some workout clothes
  • Comfortable shoes – there may be a lot of walking involved
  • Rain coat and compact umbrella – aside from a regular coat, you may be guaranteed to have at least a few rainy days
  • Bathing costumes – you’ll need a few sets
  • Medication – you may need to speak to your doctor about obtaining an extra prescription to ensure you have plenty to last you throughout the duration of your trip
  • Toiletries – while it is possible to buy these elsewhere, you may not be able to find your favourite brands
  • Books & entertainment – bring your hobbies on board with you

What are the best cruise lines for an all around the world cruise?

The best cruise line for you must be tailored to your favourite itineraries, ship size, and ideal price range. Here’s a selection of cruise lines cruising around the world, most of which offer a round the world cruise from the UK.

Around the world cruise Royal Caribbean - offers a 274-night ultimate world cruise with like-minded explorers across all seven continents and 65 countries.

Cunard round the world cruise - offers the greatest of world cruise experiences on larger ships with an international mix of passengers.

P&O world cruise - consists of classic British cruising, offering several ships in a wide variety of sizes.

Princess Cruises world cruise – known for its innovative technology and entertainment.

Fred. Olsen world cruise – known for traditional and welcoming cruising.

How much is a world cruise?

Prices range depending on your cruise line of choice and how long the trip is. Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate World Cruise is currently starting from £45,000, though this is one of the longest cruises. Other options such as 30 to 117 day voyages with Cunard range from £4,289 - £15,019 per person. P&O’s World Cruise 2023 departing from Southampton for 99 nights ranges from £12,449 - £27,039 per person, depending on the type of cabin. Princess Cruises ranges from £12,00 - £14,000, spanning more than 100 days. Fred. Olsen’s 80-day voyage is from £13,999 per person, and its world cruise from Southampton to Liverpool is from £16,199 per person. It is important to note the duration of the cruise, which often correlates with the price.

What is a world cruise?

Cruises around the world offer a vast variety of ideal locations, top-of-the-line itineraries and relaxing experiences.

A world cruise is the ultimate travel experience and itineraries come in a variety of forms. World cruises travel to several countries and continents, so you can expect several sea days, with most itineraries having at least one long stretch of days at sea. World cruises will take you to a number of destinations and cultures to explore.

If you feel daunted by the idea of being away for so long, you don’t have to book an entire world cruise. You can opt for a segment that ranges from two weeks to a month. This is a great sample experience and will help you offset the price of a world cruise, while also committing to a shorter duration of time. You can depart from a nearby homeport, such as Southampton, only embarking on a middle segment and flying home afterwards.

Calling at several continents, world cruises explore incredible destinations including the Norwegian fjords, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, New Zealand’s Fiordland, Petra in Jordan Petra, the Caribbean and South-East Asia. World cruises offer a great range of places to visit from beaches and historic sites to world wonders.

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