Why choose Poseidon Expeditions

Poseidon Expeditions is a unique option for those who want to explore lesser-known destinations.

You can rest assured that you are adding to the development of Arctic and Antarctic conservation and supporting related scientific research when cruising with Poseidon Expeditions, as the line is part of the Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators and the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators.

Unique selling points include an experienced and fascinating expedition leader and team, wildlife sighting opportunities, and unique kayaking opportunities.

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Cruising with Poseidon

Only three ships make up the fleet. Nuclear icebreaker M/v 50 Years of Victory is the biggest nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world, having the power to break through 2.5 meters of thick ice fields. Holding 124 passengers, the ship was purpose-built to hold scientific and cargo ships to remote areas of the Arctic and along the Northeast Passage.

M/v Sea Spirit is a luxury expedition ship holding only 114 passengers that is built for you to discover wildlife and stunning vistas - whether you spot a family of polar bears or sail past a gorgeous cluster of mountains, you are sure to see something picture-worthy.

Lastly, l/b Kapitan Dranitsyn is a modified icebreaker for passengers and offers Arctic Ocean cruises for an even more exclusive group of up to 100 passengers. Features onboard include a helicopter and a fleet of Zodiacs.

Poseidon Expeditions Ships
114 guests

Who should cruise

Those who feel at peace in natural landscapes will thrive onboard a Poseidon Expedition cruise. If you love the idea of looking out onto Svalbard and spotting a polar bear in the Arctic wilderness, then this is the cruise line for you.

If you enjoy trying your hand at something new, then you can try your hand at photography in one of, arguably, the most beautiful places in the world. Join in on the free photography programme and practice your skills to perfection with the guidance of an experienced expert.

Alternatively, you can join the Sea Kayak Club, where you can explore fresh waters that will reward you with the memorable sight of marine animals. It's an exclusive experience only Poseidon can offer.


Antarctica is full to the brim of new and exciting sights. Wave to an inquisitive penguin, admire a leopard seal and even spot a humpback whale.

Of course, the natural scenery is the main event. Enjoy the soaring white mountains and glaciers, alongside the floating fragments of the continent's surface.

While Antarctica boasts penguins, the Arctic possesses an impressive range of polar bears. In fact, Svalbard has one of the highest concentrations of polar bears in the Arctic. Luckily, Poseidon Adventures frequents this area and boasts extensive knowledge about the surrounding habitats.

You will also visit Greenland where the Northern Lights await you, depending on the time of year. What's not to like?


If you are seeking Chef-style delicacies and fancy fayre, then this is not the cruise for you. There are no assigned tables onboard, with open-seated dining making up the main restaurant. The outdoor bistro is located in the jacuzzi area and serves up homely meals - such as soups, pasta-based dishes and hamburgers, but you won't find empty calories here.

This is more about the Indiana Jones or Lara Croft experience, rather than Keeping Up Appearances.

Your onboard food is purposefully selected to provide strength and energy during your excursions. You can't explore the wilderness for a once-in-a-lifetime time fuelled by intricate biscuits and small portions of arty cuisine now, can you?


A typical cruise includes group transfers, shipboard accommodation, all meals onboard throughout the voyages and 24-hour tea and coffee stations.

All scheduled landings/excursions are part of the cruise package, with leadership provided throughout the voyage by an experienced expedition team.

You are also given a branded Poseidon Expeditions parka, rubber boots for shore landings and welcome cocktails, paired with a farewell event during the last evening of your itinerary.

All port fees are gratis, as is the indefatigable onboard internet connection. You won't struggle for Wi-Fi here. No, Sir!

Rates don't include airfare, visa and passport fees, insurance, soft drinks, alcoholic beverage or gratuities.