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Cruises out of Dundee

Choosing to cruise from Dundee can take you around the UK, to Northern France and Spain as well as to the Norwegian Fjords. Cruises slightly further afield may visit the North Cape - the very top of Europe - where you can experience the midnight sun or to Iceland where you can experience the unique landscape and geothermal marvels.

Northern Europe

Amidst the storied history of Northern Europe lies a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be…

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Dundee Cruise Line Guides

Cruise from Dundee with Ambassador Cruise Line, one of the newest British cruise lines. Ambassador Cruise Line offers cruising aboard its two ships, Ambition and Ambience sailing from around the UK. They are smaller ships and offer a premium value style of cruising on their newly refurbished ships. Ambassador Cruise Line has a loyal customer base and a great following with customers enjoying the freedom that cruising allows. Offering a number of different cabin choices from inside cabins to suites there is something for everyone.