Why choose Sau Paulo (Santos)

Step into São Paulo—or Santos, as it's known to those who anchor off its bustling port—and you're stepping into the heartbeat of Brazil's vibrant past. This city thrives amid a climate that blends the warmth of the tropics with the refreshing breeze of the Atlantic, offering a unique backdrop for those eager to experience Brazil beyond the postcards. São Paulo serves as a vivid exhibition of the real Brazil, from its historical architecture to its lively local markets. For a truly unique touch, did you know that Santos is the world’s coffee port? Indeed, if you love coffee, this city holds the keys to your caffeinated heaven.

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Though it might seem like every corner of São Paulo has been explored and posted online by countless influencers, the reality is quite different. This city is a central node in global tourism not just for its scenic views but for a legacy that others try to mimic, yet never fully capture. Hidden gems are scattered throughout, waiting to be discovered by those who dare to look beyond the typical. Santos's ability to surprise and enchant remains undiminished, ensuring that every visit can be as fresh and exciting as the first.

Diving into São Paulo's culinary scene starts with a heavenly dish: the moqueca, a fragrant seafood stew simmered in a rich sauce of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and coconut milk, laced with a splash of dendê oil for an unforgettable flavor. Here, exotic ingredients abound—from the zesty lime to the fiery malagueta pepper—creating flavors you won't encounter anywhere else. Enjoying these delicacies doesn't require bravery, just a desire to indulge in something extraordinarily different.

Cruise lines like Holland America and Princess frequent Santos, offering well-curated shore excursions that reflect the city’s colorful life. From tours exploring the coffee stock exchange, where global coffee prices are dictated, to visits to the lush botanical gardens that are a living museum of the region’s flora, there’s plenty to enchant you. Noteworthy too are the infamous figures from Santos, like the notorious pirate Thomas Cavendish, who once haunted these waters, adding a dash of intrigue to your visit.