So, what’s the catch?

In all honesty – there isn’t one.

It’s simply a different kind of cruise that capitalises on the schedule at the end of the cruising season, usually in spring or autumn. These cruises are generally quieter than the full inventory ‘traditional’ cruise, and everything you would find on a conventional voyage is normally present.

A large proportion of repositioning cruises present longer sailings than normal, often crossing the Atlantic or squeezing through the Panama Canal. These cruises offer plenty of days at sea, and rest stops in some of the world’s most coveted ports.

Why Book a Repositioning Cruise?

While traditional cruises bring you back to where you started, repositioning cruises take you out into the world. Cruise from incredible destinations, explore dynamic cities or spend a series of chilled-out days on board amazing cruise ships – often for better than half price.

Repositioning cruises promise the full-blown spirit of ocean-going travel, with adventure both on and off the ship, alongside world-class dining and entertainment.

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Find The Perfect Repositioning Cruise

What are Repositioning Cruises?

Most cruises follow a popular formula where you jump onboard, travel through a bunch of ports, and then return to the starting point. Repositioning cruises involve a cruise line moving their ship from one corner of the world to another – and you jump on for the experience.

These bargain cruises occur as ships are often moved to or from their home port, to coincide with the seasonal demand for warmer weather. As such, the journeys are often one-way, but the cruise lines still take passengers – known as ‘repositioning’ or ‘relocation’ cruises.

To encourage passengers aboard, repositioning cruises break off from their otherwise direct journey to dock in less-visited ports.

With fewer stops, more days at sea, and different start and end ports, these trips aren’t for everyone. As such, the cruise lines tend to find these voyages are harder to fill, and the price is substantially reduced.

Some cruises can last up to a month, but cruise experts claim there is no better way to relax, unplug, and wind down. Seasoned travellers wholeheartedly agree, and there’s also the added prospect of seeing far-flung places that conventional cruises don’t explore – such as Greenland or Samoa.