Cruises around the Scottish coast and outlying islands are typically serviced by smaller crews that are often hand-picked. Attention to detail and passenger comfort is the paramount concern for organisers and staff, with every aspect given the same level of care and attention.

Shore visits are usually included, with careful consideration given to providing the most spectacular overnight anchorages. When not exploring the stunning Scottish landscape and developing camaraderie with your hosts, you’ll relish every moment spent on well-appointed ships good enough for Royalty – the Queen chartered a Hebridean Cruise for her 80th birthday.

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Scotland offers exquisite beauty and a famously warm level of hospitality. By taking to the crystal clear waters aboard stylish and well-appointed vessels, you’ll get to see more, live more, and feel more.

The cruise lines that cater for Scottish cruise holidays are well-practised and specialise in making idyllic coastlines and islands of Argyll & the Hebrides accessible to all. Local cuisines and a taste of local life will heighten your senses and provide a relaxing calm that’s distinctive to the Scottish islands.

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