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Bari, capital of the province of Apulia, lies on southern Italy's scenic Adriatic coast. Its busy port is a leading commercial and industrial centre, as well as a transit point for travellers catching ferries across the Adriatic to Greece.

Bari comprises a new and an old town. To the north, on a promontory between the old and new harbours, lies the picturesque old town, or Citta Vecchia, with a maze of narrow, crooked streets. To the south is the spacious and regularly planned new town, which has developed considerably since 1930, when the Levant Fair was first held here.

The heart of the modern town is Piazza della Liberta. The busy thoroughfare, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, separates the new town from the old. At the eastern end of the Corso begins the Lungomare Nazario Sauro, a magnificent seafront promenade that runs along the old harbour. Bari and the Apulian region were long recognized for their strategic location, attracting a succession of colonizers such as the Normans, Moors and Spaniards, each leaving their mark.

Why cruise Bari

Bari is a little slice of divinity on earth. Boasting a gorgeous old town, a lively traditional harbour, outstanding local food, and some of Italy's best beaches within close proximity - you'll never want to leave.

While some travellers skip Bari in favour of Puglia's big-hitter, Lecce, Bari certainly doesn't lack culture or history. In fact, the old town contains the burial ground of St Nicholas (aka Santa Claus) within its stunning Basilica di San Nicola, alongside a great archaeological museum in Bari's historic bastions.

As for the food, well, there's no end to delicious street cuisine and fresh seafood.

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