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Marina, Eastern Mediterranean


Having visited an Oceania ship many years ago in Southampton we decided to treat ourselves to an upmarket cruise. The ship was beautiful, the service exemplary and the food was to die for. However there were a few downsides to the cruise, the lack of passengers created less atmosphere, even though it was to our advantage being upgraded. The theatre was of a nice design but the entertainment left a bit to be desired compared to our favourite line, Princess Cruises. Everywhere was very luxurious but everything came at a high price including tours and onboard shopping. However our itinerary was really good with just one sea day in the ten and I think our main moan was that we were advised at every port to carry passports, vaccination certificates and key card and medical masks and in no port of call were we asked to show anything or wear masks unless we wanted to. We appreciate the ship was following rules by head office no doubt but I am sure with a bit of checking in the countries we visited they would have learnt that these items were not necessary and it would have alleviated us having to carry them everywhere we went.

Post Date: 09/06/2022
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Cameron wrote a review in Aug, 2021
Value for money - you get what you pay for
Harry wrote a review in Aug, 2021
Most enjoyable, great food, good service - looking forward to the next
Cameron wrote a review in Aug, 2021
Really enjoyable - as usual rom Oceania
Beverley wrote a review in Mar, 2022
Loved the Owner’s suite so much that we have booked it again for 2023

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