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Queen Elizabeth, Western Mediterranean and Atlantic


Although we have cruised many times before, this was the first time my husband and myself have travelled with Cunard. The first impression of the ship was its grand opulence. Our (upgraded) cabin was very comfortable and very well insulated from sound from both the adjacent cabins and outside. We had a good sized balcony with comfortable chairs to relax. The beds were absolutely wonderful and guaranteed us a good nights sleep. The shower with its plastic curtain was very cramped. Penhaligon toiletries are advertised, but the fact the are in big pump dispensers which every passenger using the cabin is expected to use, is omitted. Shampoo, gel wash and handcream, no hair conditioner or shower cap. The formal dinning room's food was good with freshly cooked choice every night. The staff we very abrupt verging on some occasions to rude. No one smiled or tried to make us feel as though we were welcome. The service was very efficient, maybe too efficient. There was no pause between courses and it was very apparent that we were expected to vacate out table as soon as we had finished our meal. The self service (Lido) restaurant was a very unpleasant place to eat. The staff were very abrupt to the point of rudeness. Is was not self service. They staff gave very small portions of food . I'm by no means a big eater, but even I found them to be too small.
The first night we arrived no member of staff approached to explain the restaurant protocol. As my husband is in the early stage of a dementia, he frequently needed me close by to assist him with his needs. It was made very clear by members of staff that this was a burden to them. If we went to the wrong entrance or exit (initially we found the layout of the Lido very confusing), we were redirected in a very aggresive manner. Overall I found the food quite unsatisfactory in the Lido. The staff everywhere else (except the library where they were delightful) were obviously overworked, in short supply and certainly gave the impression they didn't really want to be on the ship or serving the customers. Will we go again,,,,,,? not for a few years, then perhaps, when Covid has passed they may return to the standard they were once so famous for.

The lido restaurant was

Post Date: 04/07/2022
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Shirley wrote a review in Aug, 2021
I love the formality of this cruise line, dressing for dinner etc. Only wish there was a more open style of dining which is only available to club balcony grade and above
Peter wrote a review in Aug, 2021
My wife and I were on a cruise from Chile to Southampton in February/ March 2019. We flew to Santiago to join the ship (Queen Victoria) , sailing back to Southampton via Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Aruba,...
Peter wrote a review in Sep, 2021
We enjoyed a cruise up the Amazon river.
Martin wrote a review in Sep, 2021
The cruise was a 'follow the sun' cruise. We sailed to the Bay of Biscay and went up and down several times. Dinner each night was exemplary as was the entertainment. The lack of a buffet was the rea...

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