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Azamara Pursuit, South America


Our first cruise with Azamara

History of over 30 cruises with various cruise lines at all levels

It started very badly with the worst organised check in ever which was an
awful experience.

It ended very badly with an overcrowded dirty under-supplied restaurant for breakfast on the last morning.

Between were some goods :
Better food than expected.
Did our special dietary stuff well.
Our waiters were excellent and we had the same table each evening and lunch for that reason. Apparently others did not receive such good service.
The glassware in the main dining room was awful. When we commented we were told that customers would break decent stuff. Enough of a insult.
Our cabin was nice and clean and the room steward excellent. Shower curtains were a disappointment at this level of cruising and when the first one was replaced with one that was 6 inches too short and then with one that would not stay in place both were quickly replaced.

Does the above explain why we aren’t sailing with Azamara again. No but the following does :
No cruise line is perfect and the front line staff are brilliant. But the on board management and administration are some of the worst ever.
We booked to see a future cruise advisor. They asked where I wanted to go. Antarctica I said. Here’s a good one he said. Starts in Rio and goes right up the Amazon to Maneus. Oh dear. How about the Indian Ocean. Here’s a nice Trans Oceanic across the Atlantic. Oh dear. Gave up on destinations. So how does the future cruise deal work. Pointed me to a leaflet but obviously was not clear himself. How about a brochure. Sorry but no. Absolutely useless and others thought the same. So I booked with the other one. He didn’t turn up. I left him a note He didn’t follow up. How rude. One of the management team asked how things were going so I went over the above. How awful they said. I will look into it they said. Didn’t hear a thing.

Kept hearing sorry from management to us and others but nothing ever got done.

We won't chance this cruise line again as there are better out there.

Post Date: 24/03/2023
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Customer Reviews
Dora wrote a review in Aug, 2021
Cruises on all 3 Azamara ships are excellent. Ratio of crew to passengers is one of the best. ALL staff speak to you in passing, and the Officers will stop and talk
Jane ridge wrote a review in Feb, 2022
david wrote a review in Mar, 2022
as my original cruise was cancelled could not do lift and shift this was the only cruise i could afford. i flew to rome a few days early did not start well as booked the wrong dates and ended up sleep...
Yvonne wrote a review in Mar, 2022
Love cruising with Azamara and it was good to get back to cruising. The Caribbean was warm and inviting, Azamara looked after us well and we felt safe re Covid, also they don’t charge for lateral flow...