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Marella Explorer 2, Eastern Mediterranean


Arrived for embarkation, process was smooth, a bit dissapointed that suite bookings didn't get a quicker and seperate queue like most other compainies offer, also no extras like free WIFI or drinks package or even some sort of loyalty scheme.
On entering our suite, we were pleased with the size, cabin was cleaned but floor around table and sofa was not moped or swept.
We explored the ship and we were impressed with the condition. Staff were so happy and helpful and service was mostly very quick.
Our intinerary was Dubrovnik, Kotor, Ravenna, Trieste, Koper (Slovenia), Split. Most of these areas you can get off ship and explore yourselves, we did do tours, which are expensive and rushed. Trieste for Venice, we did take a coach trip but was 2.5 hours each way and only 2.5 hours in Venice, Venice was beautiful but 2.5 hours is not nearly enough time to enjoy this beautiful place. We will try to do this same cruise again as we did love the areas we went too. Where we live there are no direct flights to these countries.
Food was good and catered for all, the variety was vast so if you didn't like what was in dining room, just pop up to buffet.
Entertainment was excellent, but you expect nothing else on Marella.
The only thing I would say that was negative is Covid testing, we were asked to provide all our proof off vaccinations, yet we were not asked to show them or tested before we boarded. On our first coach trip the guy behind us has such a bad cough, we saw and heard him on ship too. The day before our cruise came to an end, my husband who has COPD felt unwell. the day we left he really didnt feel good, when tested at home he had covid, so this guy most probably infected lots of others, as at the airport waiting for our flight, we saw a few people who looked under the weather, yet if the tested before going on board would have saved people catching this.

Post Date: 02/06/2023
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Julie wrote a review in Sep, 2021
Only our 2nd cruise, but the experience in our 1st made us want to book another. The idea of waking up in a different country everyday is an amazing feeling. The accommodation, staff, food, cleanlines...
Marilyn wrote a review in Sep, 2021
Trevor wrote a review in Sep, 2021
Our first cruise and an excellent introduction. Very much directed at the British market. Food choices were pretty conservative and middle of the road, but pretty good. Excellent shows with one except...
William wrote a review in Sep, 2021
Great cruise to Iceland and Scotland, the processes on board were clear and all passengers endeared to them. The reduced capacity made things easier and was a welcome return to cruising. The testing w...

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