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Marella Explorer, Northern Europe


Went on this ship in October around greece for our honeymoon.
Ensured before booking that latex free gloves would be used as i have a severe latex allergy that's results in anaphylaxis and i carry x2 adrenaline pens. I suffered a severe allergic reaction which resulted in taking both my adrenaline pens. All the cleaners/restaurants used latex free gloves however the maintenance men were going around the ship using the lifts wearing latex gloves which caused the reaction. There is a medical centre onboard the ship however the Doctor was off the ship and i had to wait 3 hours to be seen when he returned and prescribed further adrenaline pens. The experience was very frightening and the staff on board the ship did not understand the severity of what happened, the only apology i received was from the maintenance manager who admitted they had been wearing latex gloves even though they were informed about my allergy and not to wear them. Since returning home i raised a complaint with TUI however they refused to take any responsibility for the negligence and said that they can not confirm latex gloves were used on the ship even though i provided a photo of the maintenance manager holding the box of latex gloves. There is not enough awareness around latex allergies but equally this allergy is as important as any other and my case was not taken seriously even though this was avoidable and the outcome could of resulted in death.
I will not be travelling with TUI again, they are not open and honest or reliable and the customer service after travelling is shocking! This was our first cruise and it ruined our experience and our honeymoon as well.

Post Date: 08/02/2024
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Julie wrote a review in Sep, 2021
Only our 2nd cruise, but the experience in our 1st made us want to book another. The idea of waking up in a different country everyday is an amazing feeling. The accommodation, staff, food, cleanlines...
Marilyn wrote a review in Sep, 2021
Trevor wrote a review in Sep, 2021
Our first cruise and an excellent introduction. Very much directed at the British market. Food choices were pretty conservative and middle of the road, but pretty good. Excellent shows with one except...
William wrote a review in Sep, 2021
Great cruise to Iceland and Scotland, the processes on board were clear and all passengers endeared to them. The reduced capacity made things easier and was a welcome return to cruising. The testing w...

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