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Valiant Lady, Western Mediterranean and Atlantic


This was advertised as an 80s extravaganza cruise which it turned out not to be although the headline acts were excellent they were the only 80s offerings onboard.
With one weeks notice we had to obtain a covid test from a preferred supplier who failed to provide the required number of tests causing no little stress and extra expense. We have not been compensated for this despite complaining to all 3 parties involved who simply passed the buck.
Portsmouth is only a small ferry port and inadequate for a cruise line. We were bussed to the ship having had to wait in crowded facilities. We were lucky but many people had to search for their luggage.
The basic balcony room looks very minimalist, lacks storage and poorly designed. Who wants to manouevre the bed arrangement round every day. The tech mostly worked if you persevered a bit with some staff help. Best thing in the room was the shower. We were upgraded to an XL sea terrace due to excessive noise overnight.
Tours were poor and the only one we booked cancelled without explanation.
Public areas are cramped, uncomfortable and dark. No swimming pool, deck areas small and cramped. The ship is painted grey which doesn't help.
Breakfast was chaotic, there seems at first to be lots of choice but actually there wasn't and it was the same every day. People sometimes waited a long time and food turned up cold. Only a small limited buffet (galley), the restaurants were generally very good with quality food and service but having to use one every day is too much just to have a decent meal. The best meal I had was in Lisbon off ship.
Disembarkation was a shambles, people queuing right round the ship, no one seemed to know what was happening. Eventually we just tagged along behind a group that seemed to be getting preference just to get off. Ship docked at 7pm I gather that it was about 10pm before most were off. People were allowed to carry off their own luggage which didn't help at all, no doubt in case they lost it again.
A miscommunication between VV and the cruise organisers meant we lost a day in Lisbon we were expecting and in fact due to circumstances outside any ones control we actually only got a few hours.
Won't travel with either company involved again.

Post Date: 16/05/2022
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