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The ship is new and tastefully designed and furnished. The cabin is small. The shower, bathroom, toiletries excellent. Bed was Queen size and comfortable. Television didn't work throughout our weeks cruise and neither did anyone else's. The staff were hard working, friendly and efficient. The Cruise Director informative and entertaining. The mask rule was observed walking around the ship but not on the coach tours. Unsurprisingly many passengers were ill and passing on their illness. People were being quarantined after positive Covid tests.. For meat and fish eaters the food was often delicious if in small quantities. However we booked with a request for Vegan food and were told this diet could be met. It couldnt. Picking out bits of meat, fish or cheese, from a salad, at the table, in front of the guest is actually offensive. Many chefs now rise to the challenge of cooking delicious plant based food but this does not happen on Vega. APT will need to up their game here. Only breakfast and the vegetable soup met Vegan requirements. There were salads and fruit mostly available but interesting and varied main courses were not. Occasionally food at the buffer was ok. Food on a cruise is an important aspect of the experience and on this cruise it was poor. Would we book another River cruise. This was our second. Probably not. There is not enough to do onboard and we prefer ocean cruising.. It was worth a second try.

Post Date: 08/05/2022
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The cabins are very compact compared with older ships. They are made longer and narrow, we had a balcony and the space at the foot of the bed is very small and they don't allow much room for access to...
Diane wrote a review in Aug, 2021
Too expensive compared to others but as a smoker not a lot of choice