Cunard's Queen Anne boasts some of the plushest cabins that we've ever encountered. Credit: Lucy Abbott

Inside Cunard’s Queen Anne: What are the Club Balcony cabins like?

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It’s been the million-dollar question. What do Cunard’s new Queen Anne cabins look like? Lucy Abbott has been onboard to find out. And the answer is plluuussshhhhh

There’s no two ways about it - Cunard remains the final word in cruise-based refinement. For years we’ve gazed at the press releases for their new Queen Anne cruise liner and waited for those lush designs to become reality. And now it’s here. We’ve been onboard, and we can tell you – it’s been worth the seven-year wait.

So – first things first. Let’s skip the rudimentary explanation about Cunard’s illustrious history and get straight to the juicy bit. What’s it like inside the new Queen Anne? The answer is perhaps a tad predictable; it’s gorgeous. Absolutely splendid. Superb. Grand. Awe-inspiring. All the lovely words offered by the English dictionary.

Of course, Cunard has stood as the beacon of ocean-going luxury and elegance for over 180 years. Worshipped by cruisegoers for unwavering commitment to sophistication and quality, Cunard boasts of a legacy that other cruise lines would kill for.

It should therefore come as little surprise to discover that the new Queen Anne joins her stablemates in keeping the British end up - perfectly showcased by the Club Balcony Cabin.

As soon as you step aboard, Cunard’s timeless insignia greets you with the fine-drawn dignity of a zestful valet. The luxury here is practically unrivalled by any other lineage, with impeccably appointed public spaces and an ever-burning sense of occasion.

Dining areas radiate with the echo of Cunard’s celebrated poise, blended with contemporary sobriety, making each onboard restaurant more than simply a place to enjoy gourmet cuisine. It’s an experience you don’t get anywhere else.

And then there’s the accommodation space. How much refinement can you fit into a 236 sq ft Club Balcony Cabin?

Would we recommend the Queen Anne based on cabin alone? Damn straight, we would! Credit: Lucy Abbott

Inside Queen Anne: Club Balcony Cabin

Renowned for their luxurious attention to detail, simultaneously pushing forward with subtle class-leading innovations and technological advancement, Queen Anne has left us on excited tenterhooks when it comes to accommodation.

Walking through the calming serenity of the ship en route to our designated accommodation, our seven-year anticipation gave way to instant elation. Upon stepping over the threshold of cabin 6115, you can smell Cunard’s trademark unification between meticulous design and lavish décor. The cosy ambience is perfectly offset by an airy comfort that stems from plush furnishings, modish ambience and refined elegance.

Each stateroom has been crafted with extreme attention to detail, providing a serene sanctuary where you can unwind and relax. And because it’s Cunard, you do all of that in absolute style. These Club Balcony cabins have access to a private veranda designed for fresh headspace away from the strife of modern problems. It's just you, the lapping waves, and the endless horizon.

Who doesn't love a balcony? Credit: Lucy Abbott

Cabin upgrades will take you further into the Cunard realms of decadence, offering more cabin space and larger balconies, but all cabins come with modern amenities – such as state-of-the-art televisions, luxurious bath amenities and 24-hour room service that caters to all palettes.

Whether you're sailing solo, as a couple, or with family and friends, Queen Anne’s Club Balcony cabins offer an intoxicating aroma of comfort, and style, ensuring that your voyage always has a luxurious base from which to start and end each day.

Cunard always aims to provide a personal haven of tranquillity while sailing the ocean. And, in our opinion, they've struck the perfect balance.

Opulence, Sir? Luxury, Madam? The Queen Anne offers all the comforts you need. Credit: Lucy Abbott

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