Study Reveals Cruises from Australia Cheaper than Backpacking for Millenials

Author: Olivia Sharpe

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A recent study from Travel Insurance Direct has revealed that a cruise trip could be significantly cheaper than backpacking around the same area

According to insurance provider Travel Insurance Direct (TIG), cruises from Australia could surpass backpacking among young travellers in coming years, with potential savings attracting thrifty youngsters and millenials.

The study found that travellers could save $685 (approx. £372) on an 8-night roundtrip to Fiji, by opting for a cruise rather than a backpacking holiday, and as much as $439 (approx. £238) for a 14-night trip to Southeast Asia, starting in Singapore and including Bali.

Cruise ships in Halong Bay, Vietnam, Southeast Asia

Taking a cruise around those areas would save a significant amount of time, too, with less time spent in airports, planes or buses and freeing up more time for activities or sunbathing. It is estimated that up to 38 hours could be saved across the two calculated trips around Fiji and Southeast Asia.

The news comes as there has been an increase of interest from millennials in booking a cruise holiday, despite cruising traditionally earning a reputation as a popular holiday choice for over-45s.

The percentage of millennials who ‘definitely will’ book a cruise for their next trip increased from 63 per cent in 2017 to 70 per cent in 2018 and a recent CLIA report revealed younger audiences are favouring trips of one or two-week lengths; the usual length of a cruise trip.

Speaking to TID, Joel Katz, Australasia managing director of CLIA, said: “Young people are discovering the modern cruise experience has changed considerably from that of the past and many cruise lines now appeal to a much greater age range.

“A lot of cruise lines have put a greater focus on things like contemporary design, modern food and craft beverages, more advanced on-board experiences and more engaging excursions on shore, which have been very successful in attracting younger passengers.”

Just like backpacking, cruises zip you from one amazing place to another. They offer the same sense of community you’d get in a hostel, but with your own bathroom, fresh towels and meals cooked for you by top chefs. For those looking for an experiential holiday experience, there are now a wide range of adventure cruise itineraries available for the intrepid traveller.

All these benefits come with a cheaper price tag and more time to relax – no wonder millennials have started ditching their backpacks. For the best places to cruise in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific, see Sue Bryant’s guide.

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