How to Cure Severe Toothache on Holiday

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A common ailment on a cruise is motion sickness, but what if you get a severe case of toothache? Here’s how to treat it

There’s nothing worse than feeling under the weather when on holiday, especially for something as niggly as toothache. And a severe case of toothache can be truly debilitating.

There are many potential causes of toothache, the most common of which is a dental cavity as a result of tooth decay. Other causes include a dental abscess, a loose or broken filling, or an infection. The best way to prevent it is proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups, but even this isn’t always enough to stop it from happening.

Clove oil
Clove oil is an ancient remedy

The worst thing about severe toothache is that it can sometimes lead to other symptoms, including headaches and face swelling. And no-one wants to spend their holiday, let alone a cruise which is a particularly social affair, going around with a swollen face.

So, what is the best way to get rid of a bad case of toothache? One of the most ancient of remedies is garlic paste, used for centuries for this common ailment, while sage, thyme and ginger are also known to be effective natural treatments to ease toothache for those who aren’t keen on taking painkillers, or don’t have medicine on them.

There is an old wives’ tale, originating from the Civil War era, which advocates a strong liquor such as whisky applied to the gums or swished around the mouth to help relieve toothache pain. However, while alcohol may numb the effects briefly, this will be short-lived and will wear off, and you’d be better off trying salt water, which is a far better antiseptic.

For quick relief, the modern-day solution would be to take a paracetamol or Ibuprofen. However, while this may get rid of toothache fast, it is again not a long-term solution and you may find the pain returns within a few hours.

Considered to be one of the best temporary remedies of all is clove oil. It has similarly been used for centuries to help toothache sufferers and possesses antibacterial properties and eugenol, which is a natural analgesic.

Dentogen Toothache Gel incorporates natural clove oil to ease the pain caused by tooth decay and is one of the best remedies on the market, being sugar-free and fast-acting. While it should not be used if an abscess is suspected, it is great for providing fast toothache relief. Apply the soothing gel to the sore tooth and repeat this process after 20 minutes. Don’t let toothache ruin your next cruise holiday.

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