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Jane McDonald Reveals She's 'Devastated' at State of Cruise Industry

Author: Isabella Sullivan

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Jane McDonald has revealed her true thoughts on the state of the cruise industry, revealing her devastation at her own cruise being cancelled

Jane McDonald has opened up about the "devastating" effect coronavirus (Covid-19) has had on the cruise industry.

The Queen of Cruise appeared on This Morning today (3 November) to discuss her new album, the state of the cruise industry and the cancellation of her very own cruise, Sail Away with Jane McDonald.

When asked about her own cancelled cruise by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Jane revealed: "Covid has stopped so much, devastated, and the cruise industry has completely come to a grinding halt."

The star was due to charter her own sailing back in September as part of Floating Festivals, a sailing which would feature performances by the singer and also meet and greets.

Jane was due to charter her very own cruise back in September

Showing her solidarity with the industry as a whole, Jane continued: "And it's not just the cruise industry, it's about the people who work in it, hospitality, chefs, travel agents, everybody – it's been awful.

"My theatre work too, all the musicians, the people who drive the tour buses, the crew, it's just awful and I don't know what to say to everybody."

Also showing his appreciation for the indsutry, Phil added: "These ships are moored all over the south coast, these beautiful cruise liners just sitting there waiting for one day when people can get back on them again."

Along with discussing her sadness at the state of the cruise sector, Jane also spoke positively about her new album, which we're sure will provide some light relief to fans during lockdown.

Jane released her brand new album, entitled Cruising with Jane McDonald Vol.2, this week, which features all the classics from her hit TV show, Cruising with Jane McDonald.

Talking to Phil and Holly, Jane revealed she was "gobsmacked" at the positive reaction she's had from the album.

The much-needed boost we need during this time of uncertainty, and features all the best songs performed by the Queen of Cruise on her Channel 5 show, including Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Spinning Around, Mamma Mia, Let’s Get Loud and New Sensation.

Discussing whether she's planned on releasing another album, Jane replied: "No I would never have dreamt of doing this."

When it comes to choosing the songs for Cruising with Jane McDonald, it's a bit of a collaborative process, with producers choosing the most 'out-there' songs for the star to sing.

"We all sit on WhatsApp in a room or wherever we are and say 'what songs shall we do' and we always come up with the most out-there songs," laughed Jane. "Then I go into the studio and try and sing it."

"I've done a cover of Ray of Light, I've done Jai Ho, Ain't No Mountain High Enough. I've been told now I've got some real good bangers on this," Jane joked. "It's been great fun really, I think I'll put some of these in the show now and concert tour next year if we ever get back again."

As fans of the show will know, Jane performs a song at the end of each episode, with Phil asking Jane if the album provided her with escapism.

"Yes, it's been like being on my holidays," replied the singer, about listening to her album. "I can remember every single video that we did. It's been an amazing show and I had a great time on it. And now I've got a soundtrack to go with it".