SeaDream Caribbean Cruise Cut Short After Passengers Test Positive for Covid-19

Author: Isabella Sullivan

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SeaDream Yacht Club has cut its first Caribbean voyage short due to passengers testing positive for coronavirus. The ship is currently docked in Barbados

Just weeks into its first Caribbean season following the global suspension of sailings and SeaDream Yacht Club has had to cut its first Caribbean-only cruise short.

The luxury cruise line had been sailing its first post-lockdown cruise in the Caribbean when a number of passengers tested positive for Covid-19.

Following the test results, the cruise line's yacht SeaDream I returned to Barbados, with passengers and certain crew members quarantined in their cabins.

Despite having two coronavirus tests before embarkation, a handful of passengers tested positive, and passengers are now being retested for validity.

All crew members have since tested negative for the virus.

Cruise journalist and World of Cruising contributor Sue Bryant is one of the passengers on board the luxury Caribbean ship, and has been posting regular updates on her social media pages.

'Latest from @SeaDreamYC SeaDream I. Five positives that we knew about. One more possible. All other pax negative from the ship’s test. If we get a negative from the shoreside test, we will disembark as planned and be allowed on deck tomorrow. The wait continues!' she posted.

Keeping passengers in good spirits, SeaDream – known for its six-star sailings – treated passengers to an in-cabin Champagne and Caviar Splash Party.

The party is one of the line's signature events and features lots of champagne, caviar and, in normal circumstances, a fun-filled beach barbecue with passengers and crew.

Prior to the first Caribbean voyage, SeaDream Yacht Club had successfully completed a transatlantic voyage from Oslo to Barbados.

On board the ship were cruise bloggers and content producers Ben and David Hewitt-McDonald – of Cruising with Ben & David – who recently spoke to World of Cruising about their experiences on the sailing before the reported outbreak of Covid-19.

They have also been keeping their followers up-to-date with the latest news on board the ship, with their latest tweet saying:

'One more passenger has tested positive. That brings the total to 6 now. One passenger has been taken to hospital and 4 others are only showing mild symptoms. We really hope they are ok. We know SeaDream will take good care of them.'