Venice Floods Latest: Cruise Ships Rerouted From City Following Devastation

Author: Isabella Sullivan

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With much of Venice underwater, cruise ships are being rerouted to two nearby terminals

After being hit by serious floods, Venice has been closed off to cruise ships, with vessels being re-routed out of the city.

Much of the beautiful city has been left underwater, after tides reached the highest levels in 50 years, a staggering 1.88m (6ft).

Cruise ships set to call at the city have been rerouted, now calling at either Ravenna or Trieste.

“No ships are calling at Venice and have been diverted to either Ravenna or Trieste. No ships are expected to call in Venice before 21 November,” said a CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) spokesperson in a statement.

Venice floods: Grand Canal and Basilica Santa Maria della Salute in Venice,Italy
Earlier this year, large cruise ships were banned from docking in Venice

“The terminal is open and being used as a transfer point for passengers if needed. The terminal operator has also opened the terminal as a shelter to people made homeless by the floods.”

Venice is a favourite destination amongst cruisers, and many of its most precious and beautiful sites have been left underwater.

St Mark’s Square has been left flooded, while the Basilica itself has also been affected. Its crypt is swimming in water, potentially weakening the structure of the columns.

Sharing his distress with the world, Venice’s mayor Luigi Brugarno tweeted that the water levels were “a wound that leaves indelible marks” and the Italian government “must listen to Venice”, alluding to climate change as a factor.

Earlier this year, and after a ten-year dispute, large cruise ships were banned from entering Venice’s fragile city limits, instead being rerouted to the the terminals of Fusina and Lombardia.

Venetians have long been complaining about the effect of cruise ships on their city, and the ban was implemented in September this year.