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Found along Finland's coast, the Port of Hanko beckons with a storied past. Once a vital trading post in the 19th century, its maritime history is etched in every cobblestone and harbor wall. Hanko's coastal climate, with mild summers and snowy winters, offers a refreshing change from bustling cities, inviting cruisegoers to explore its serene landscapes and pristine beaches. Here, authenticity thrives as visitors immerse themselves in local life, sampling freshly caught seafood delicacies and wandering through quaint seaside villages. Don't miss the chance to witness Hanko's unique tradition of hosting one of Europe's oldest and most prestigious yacht races, drawing sailors from across the globe.

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As a pivotal hub for global tourism, the Port of Hanko has left an indelible mark on maritime history. Surprisingly, it served as the starting point for one of the world's earliest international passenger ferry routes, connecting Finland with Germany in the late 19th century. While influencers may spotlight its well-documented past, Hanko harbors untold tales beneath its surface. From clandestine wartime operations during World War II to the rise of Finnish modernist architecture, the port's narrative resonates far beyond its shores. Today, travelers seek to emulate Hanko's allure, drawn by its rich maritime heritage and hidden historical gems.

Sink your teeth into the culinary masterpiece of smoked salmon gravlax, a Nordic delicacy fit for royalty. Picture thinly sliced, succulent salmon, marinated in a harmonious blend of salt, sugar, and dill, then cold-smoked to perfection. But the gastronomic journey doesn't stop there. Finland's culinary tapestry is woven with unique flavors like cloudberries, wild mushrooms, and reindeer meat, tantalizing the taste buds with each bite. Embrace the boldness of sautéed reindeer served with lingonberry sauce or indulge in the creamy richness of traditional Karelian pies. In Finland, every meal promises an adventure, offering a taste of the wilds like no other.

Experience the allure of the Baltic Sea aboard renowned cruise lines such as Viking Ocean Cruises and Princess Cruises, navigating the azure waters to reach the enchanting Port of Hanko. Shore excursions beckon with tales of the past, where you can stroll through the charming streets once trodden by Russian nobility or delve into the legacy of the Hanko Front, a pivotal battleground during World War II. Explore the historic Hanko Casino, a symbol of the town's glamorous past, or venture into the lush forests surrounding the city, where Finnish heroes like Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim once roamed.