Why choose Dover

Dover, famed for its iconic white cliffs, is steeped in a past that stretches back to Roman times, offering visitors a living glimpse into England's strategic importance through the centuries. Cruise lines like Holland America and Princess Cruises frequently utilize Dover as a port of call due to its historical significance and proximity to unique attractions. The temperate climate makes it an ideal stop for exploring the lush landscapes and historic sites at a comfortable pace. Dover Castle, a commanding presence over the town, provides panoramic views and tales of ancient fortifications. A unique tidbit about Dover is its wartime tunnels, hidden beneath the castle, which played a crucial role during World War II.

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Dover is a key player in world tourism, renowned for its White Cliffs which have become a symbol of hope and freedom, often depicted in wartime literature and film. Despite being a popular spot on many travel itineraries, Dover offers layers of untold stories and secluded spots unknown to the average visitor. The town's strategic position has been significant since Roman ships first surveyed the British Isles from its shores. Internationally, communities look to replicate Dover’s successful balance of natural beauty and historical preservation, which seamlessly attracts and educates global visitors. Intriguingly, Dover's secret wartime tunnels remain less explored, offering a tangible link to covert operations during significant conflicts.

Dover Sole, a dish celebrated for its delicate, mild flavor, offers a sublime introduction to the local cuisine. Fished directly from the nearby waters, this esteemed flatfish is often simply grilled with a touch of butter and herbs, highlighting its natural taste without the need for daring spices. This culinary delight showcases unique, locally-sourced seafood that embodies the essence of Dover's maritime environment. Adding to the local dining experience, Kentish ale, brewed using historic techniques and native hops, provides a distinctive taste that complements the seafood perfectly. This combination of fresh fish and traditional brews offers an accessible yet uniquely local flavor profile.

Dover attracts major cruise lines such as Carnival and Disney Cruise Line, offering passengers an array of shore excursions that delve into the town’s pivotal role in maritime defense. These tours often visit Dover Castle, where visitors can explore fortifications that have stood since the Norman conquest, pivotal in protecting Britain from invaders. The famous Operation Dynamo, which saw the miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers during World War II, is a focal point of many tours. Notable individuals associated with Dover include Matthew Arnold, whose poetry captures the enduring spirit of the English coastline. This blend of natural beauty and memorable events makes each visit to Dover a profound experience.