Why choose Cochin

Cochin offers a storied past of spice traders and colonial encounters where you can deep dive into the heart of Kerala. Its tropical climate and lush greenery provide a serene backdrop that contrasts sharply with the bustling energy of typical tourist centers. Cochin exemplifies the essence of India, with its bustling markets and tranquil backwaters. The city is also a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, boasting the unique sight of Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi, a technique introduced by traders from the court of Kublai Khan

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Cochin sits prominently on the map as a must-visit for discerning travelers. While the city’s iconic landscapes are frequently celebrated on social media, the real magic lies in its lesser-known locales. Hidden amidst the glistening backwaters are communities whose traditions and ways of life have remained unchanged over centuries, offering a rare glimpse into the soul of Kerala far removed from the usual tourist paths.

For a culinary adventure, begin with a serving of Cochin's famed Keralan karimeen fry—a deliciously seasoned pearl spot fish, fried to perfection with a blend of local spices like turmeric and black pepper. This dish, along with the region’s use of aromatic spices grown only in Kerala’s unique climate, offers an indulgent yet approachable taste of local cuisine. Such dishes provide a gateway to understanding the regional flavors that you simply can’t find or replicate anywhere else in the world.

Many renowned cruise lines, including Celebrity and Holland America, make stops in Cochin, allowing travelers to explore this vibrant city’s scenic and storied locations. Shore excursions offer a spectrum of activities, from exploring the ancient Mattancherry Palace to watching a traditional Kathakali performance, an art form that tells stories from Indian epics. Cochin’s narrative is further enriched by figures like Vasco da Gama, whose remains were once interred here, adding a layer of intrigue for those exploring this dynamic city.