Why choose Surabaya

Surabaya, known as the "City of Heroes" due to its pivotal role in the Indonesian battle for independence, offers a blend of urban charm and historical significance. Its tropical climate makes it a year-round destination, appealing to cruisegoers with its warm weather and cultural depth. Notable sights in Surabaya include the majestic Heroes Monument, the vibrant Chinatown district, and the historic House of Sampoerna, where visitors can delve into the intricacies of Indonesia's tobacco industry.

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Surabaya's past is steeped in heroism and struggle. During World War II, it was a key site in the battle against occupying forces, which culminated in its recognition as a city of bravery. Post-war, Surabaya became a symbol of the Indonesian spirit of resistance and resilience. This rich history makes it a compelling destination for those interested in the confluence of culture, politics, and history.

Surabaya sets itself apart with its dynamic mix of Javanese culture, colonial architecture, and modern urban sprawl. The city's cuisine reflects its ethnic diversity, with local specialties like "Rawon," a rich and savory beef black soup, and "Rujak Cingur," a distinctive dish featuring boiled cow snout dressed in a spicy sauce. Although Surabaya hasn't been a backdrop for many international films, its bustling streets and historical landmarks offer a real-life canvas that's just as captivating.

Cruise lines such as Princess Cruises and Holland America Line frequently include Surabaya in their Southeast Asian routes. These cruises typically range from 10 to 14 days, providing ample time to explore Surabaya's cultural landmarks, historical sites, and culinary scene. A popular shore excursion often features a guided tour of the city's architectural marvels, a visit to the vibrant local markets, and a culinary tour to savor Surabaya's unique dishes.