Why choose Hai Phong

In the shadows of more prominent Vietnamese cities, Hai Phong stands as a testament to Vietnam's industrial ingenuity, notably establishing the country's first railway to Hanoi. Its humid subtropical climate nurtures lush landscapes and enables a rich agricultural base, which feeds the city's vibrant, bustling markets. Hai Phong offers an authentic Vietnamese experience, with its colonial architecture and traditional operas presenting an undiluted cultural heritage. Notably, it’s also known for hosting vibrant festivals, including the colorful Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival, a unique cultural spectacle tied to local tradition.

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Hai Phong is not just Vietnam's third-largest city but an unsung hero in the nation's economic and cultural narrative. It's a hub for traditional craftsmanship, including exquisite ceramics and textiles, often overlooked by mainstream tourism. Its significant role during historical conflicts has imbued the city with a resilient spirit, yet its serene parks and local life move at a surprisingly gentle pace, inviting deeper exploration beyond the typical tourist routes.

Cuisine in Hai Phong is bold and authentic, best represented by Bánh đa cua, a robust noodle soup featuring red noodles, crab, pork, and a variety of herbs unique to the region’s fertile plains. This dish epitomizes northern Vietnamese cuisine with its rich flavors and locally sourced ingredients, offering a culinary experience that’s straightforward yet deeply satisfying without requiring adventurous eating habits.

Cruise lines such as Costa Cruises and Celebrity Cruises include Hai Phong in their itineraries to give travelers a taste of this dynamic city. Shore excursions often explore its historical sites like the Hai Phong Opera House, venture through the bustling Tam Bac Market, or take a day trip to the nearby Cat Ba Island, part of the UNESCO-listed Ha Long Bay complex. These excursions highlight Hai Phong's historical significance, including its wartime resilience, while connecting passengers with the profound beauty and enduring traditions of northern Vietnam.