Although there used to be a world of difference between luxury and mainstream cruising, it’s a different situation today. The passenger demographic has changed, and mainstream mega-ships have grown larger to accommodate everyone – from large families to solo travellers.

Dining experiences, entertainment, and on-board comforts simply cannot be beaten, and luxury cruising is now largely available across all major cruise lines.

However, certain cruise companies go above and beyond. It’s in the company DNA, courtesy of heritage that boasts a proven track record in luxury – with Southampton offering the pinnacle base for luxury cruises from the UK.

The likes of [Silversea Cruises, Regent Seven Seas and Seabourn Cruise Line] focus on all-inclusive dining and relaxation, offering a more personalized and intimate luxury experience.

Why Chose a Luxury Cruise?

An all-inclusive luxury cruise represents excellent value for money. Trigger terms such as ‘luxury cruise’ may conjure eye-watering amounts of money, but this is a solid option for anyone prone to overspending while aboard a cruise.

We’d recommend calculating the all-inclusive savings before selecting your cruise, especially as this financial benefit extends to shore excursions when docked.

For those who simply want a slice of affluence regardless of price, then luxury cruises offer an experience like no other.

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