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Nautica, Far East


Great crew always happy, felt they may have been short on staff as 2/3 evenings staff were taken from MDR to terrace cafe, which made the service rushed.
Some of the shore excursions were very good others very rushed and not so good, the best ones were those we took ourselves.
The food for vegeterians is what let the cruise down, boring always luke warm one night I asked for my spag and tom sauce to be reheated and It was replaced with spag bol !! Same veggies every night, always undercooked and cold, only had 2/3 nights where I could have a soup, just not good enough.
We actually cancelled a cruise later in the year as we did not think it was worth the money !
Entertainment was OK the residdent singers did a good job, others were terrible, no music quizes,
I know all companies have cut down but it was very noticable since we cruised with Oceania 5 years ago, even the meat eaters had repeats, very little choice, etc. Although 99% time it was well cooked.
They do some things very well, the ice cream and milkshakes are great, the ship is really clean. All the staff are great.
A word of warning if you have 4 people in a lower level cabin the sofa bed opens out so that no one can get to the bathroom, we knew it would be cramped but did not expect that !
Did love the Vero watger bottles which we got to keep, as it saved plastic, like the cans of drink rather than fountain soft drinks and the coffee, etc is good quality. The sail away and departure are non existent, a bit of anti climax.

Post Date: 08/03/2023
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Cameron wrote a review in Aug, 2021
Value for money - you get what you pay for
Harry wrote a review in Aug, 2021
Most enjoyable, great food, good service - looking forward to the next
Cameron wrote a review in Aug, 2021
Really enjoyable - as usual rom Oceania
Beverley wrote a review in Mar, 2022
Loved the Owner’s suite so much that we have booked it again for 2023

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