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Celebrity Infinity, Western Mediterranean and Atlantic


We had quite a few problems onboard, including a steam pipe bursting, flooding a floor and 26 rooms, breaking down more than once at sea, no water, or flushing toilets and power in our suite overnight.
After this happened, the electric was affected and during the day, sailing from Barcelona, fire doors were affected throughout the ship and started shutting and opening in everyones faces, causing many injuries, most minor and I myself trapped my hand in one of the doors, it wasnt serious but enough to cause me pain through out the holiday, bruised and cut my knuckles and caused me to be escorted down to the medical room to see the nurse and doctor for treatment and where I also had to have a tetanus jab. Another of the officers approached me and my husband in the medical centre and informed me I couldnt possibly have got my hand stuck as the door wouldnt allow that, to be quite honest that upset me very much, when it happened I was screaming at my husband to help me as my hand was stuck on the handle in the wall and I was fearful that my hand was going to be crushed or cut off! So to tell me it wasnt possible was frustrating and made me angry especially when he started laughing.
We experienced further breakdowns, and smoke was seen on one of the corridors, making me anxious at night, repeatedly waking up and checking if the boat was moving or not, causing me anxiety and stress.
I booked this particular cruise because of the itinerary, the overnight stay in Porto was what I was looking forward to most of all, unfortunately we had to stay in Malaga to carry out repairs to the ship, which was understandable but disappointing. So the Porto overnight was cancelled.
My husband started with a respritory infection on the last day, which made our home coming difficult, he is just recovering now.
I am sure you understand that our cruise wasnt what we hoped for and this was a special cruise for me as my 60th birthday celebrations were while we were onboard, which the retreat staff, head butler, Allain, Milka, retreat host and our attendant Rudi, did their very best to make it special, and tried to make me comfortable while experiencing pain.
Several of our cruise buddies went down with D&V and on the last day we had a letter in our room asking us if we had experienced GI problems.
It was a disappointment and a disaster at times and not the special occasion that we had hoped for.

Post Date: 07/01/2024
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Anna wrote a review in Sep, 2021
A UK cruise with no single supplement departing from Southampton. The ship is refurbed and colours are now muted, verging on dull. However, she is very clean looking and the balcony cabin was fine. ...
Ben wrote a review in Sep, 2021
Sheil wrote a review in Sep, 2021
An excellent, relaxing holiday. Very well looked after. Good food and entertainment.
Louise wrote a review in Sep, 2021
Sailed with Celebrity many times and on Silhouette twice pre Pandemic. We enjoyed the new Retreat class The lockdown has catapulted Celebrity into near 6 star service category as the training in custo...

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