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Very disappointed with our first P &O cruise ...old tired cabins , tiniest TV they could find, miserable rude staff especially in bars areas .
The most annoying problem was NO availability of subtitles on the cabin TVs when we complained about this we were toldP&O did not have to supply these despite all televisions in UK have to comply with this availability .we were told when P&O ships sail they are nothing to with the UK !
After we continued with our complaint they found us a DVD player with DVDs to watch that did have subtitles
I was very upset with this issue as being deaf, subtitles are my only way of watching TV and relaxing whilst doing so.
We complained after the cruise and was advised P&O head office would be in touch... No response received.

Post Date: 04/04/2022
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Customer Reviews
Graham wrote a review in Aug, 2021
Arcadia is an adult only ship. The crew from the Captain down were excellent and the cabin steward was exceptional. The food was very good at all times and in all restaurants. The morning messages...
Marion wrote a review in Aug, 2021
treated like royalty by staff although in one of the ordinary cabins. staff excellent and destinations wonderful
Nick wrote a review in Aug, 2021
Covid testing excellent, very well organised. Embarking, an absolute fiasco, queing for well over an hour and by the time we were actually on the ship, over two hours. Our acknowledged booking to eat ...
Skelly wrote a review in Aug, 2021
Iona maiden voyage 7th August, one week no ports touring the UK. The weather was not good, not P&O fault but did detract as a UK based holiday. We had a new conservatory mini suite that was absolutely...

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