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Best no-fly Northern Lights cruise from the UK

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Looking to embark on the cruise of a lifetime this year? Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines offers a multitude of Northern Lights itineraries to discover this popular natural phenomena

Look up. Be captivated by the countless shades of pink, green and purple that dance across the sky – also known as the Northern Lights – on a cruise of a lifetime.

And what’s the best way to see it, I hear you ask? By cruise of course.

In fact, Fred. Olsen possesses a multitude of specially designed shore tours to go in search of the Northern Lights – so you can rely on the experts.

Plus, a crafted itinerary which gives you the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights while onboard too.

You can also take advantage of husky sledding, meeting Sami communities and exploring awe-inspiring arctic cathedrals, which are just a selection of the excellent excursions available.

Luckily for you, now is the best time to see the Northern Lights, as the winter months (between October and April) offer up a darker sky and fewer daylight hours that make for perfect viewing.

So why wait? Dive into discover why Fred. Olsen’s Northern Lights itineraries are so popular…

Sail to the best destinations for Northern Lights viewing ­– such as Alta. Credit: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

What is the best way to see the Northern Lights?

While, of course, nothing is guaranteed, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines gives you the best chance to see the Northern Lights with onboard experts ready to advise and guide you to success.

And your ship will sail to the best destinations for Northern Lights viewing ­– such as Alta and Tromso. Both of these destinations, located above the Arctic Circle, offer impressive access to the Northern Lights.

Alta acts as not only a good place to be within a chance to see the Northern Lights, but it also offers a walkable city centre as well as the option to explore further up the snow-capped hills on an excursion for picture-perfect views.

In fact, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines excels when it comes to tours, as every port of call features an array of carefully researched and hand-picked tour options so you can dive into the real destination and not just the tourist attractions.

Take Tromsø, for example, where you can embark on an evening snowshoe hike across the Arctic wilderness, led by a knowledgeable guide.

Just picture it – biting into a buttery pastry while soaking in your surroundings and keeping an eye out for the Northern Lights too, of course.

Onboard, we’d also recommend that you opt for the cruise line’s Sky at Sea Signature Experience, where you can cuddle up in something warm to watch the show in the sky from the comfort of your smaller-sized ship.

Sail the ‘In Search of the Northern Lights’ itinerary onboard Balmoral. Credit: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Top things to do on a Northern Lights cruise

Whether you want to sail between January and April or wait until October to December 2024, Fred. Olsen offers up some tempting itineraries that revolve around the Northern Lights – and much more.

Take the ‘In Search of the Northern Lights’ itinerary onboard Balmoral and departing from Southampton. This cruise features the unique chance to mush a team of huskies on an Arctic sledding adventure.

In fact, the huskies you will ride with have actually raced the famous Finnmarksløpet dogsled race, so you’ll be in the presence of husky royalty.

And you won’t only be able to embark on this exhilarating experience, you will also go further to hear stories from the Sámi people of Narvik about their history and culture. Not to mention meeting Penny Goodman, a Polar Geographer who has shared her knowledge with those on expeditions to the Arctic for 40 years.

History buffs should take advantage of your visit to Narvik, as this was where battles were fought in World War II – and you’ll be able to learn much more about the history of where you sail to onboard with Naval Historian Jonothan Holloway.

If this adventure is calling your name, then wait no further and book today – send us a postcard.

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