Heaven on the high seas: Tom Parker Bowles on his P&O Cruises' voyage

Author: Will Payne

Published on:

Camilla's son is set to co-host a dinner with wine expert Olly Smith during a P&O Cruises’ sailing as he tells Will Payne

The writer – the son of Queen Camilla – will be onboard Arvia as part of a 14-night Mediterranean cruise from Southampton that departs on May 12, 2024.

Will Payne caught up with the former Masterchef star ahead of the sailing…

What are you most looking forward to about your sailing?
A few days on the Arvia is a very exciting prospect indeed. Not only do I get to cruise the Mediterranean with my dear friend, Olly Smith, but we get to talk about food and drink with all the lovely guests too. I also get to visit all those fantastic restaurants and bars. My idea of heaven on the high seas.

What can guests expect from the dinner and Q&A you are hosting?
Good food, of course, and amazing wine, as you’d expect. But hopefully some entertaining tales too, of our edible adventures over the years, crossing the globe for books, magazine, newspapers, and television. Olly and I could talk for hours. It’s up to the guests to shut us up!

Have you ever cruised before?
I have been lucky enough to do a couple of transatlantic crossings to New York and back. The food was sublime.

What is your dream cruise destination?
The Arctic. All that ice and silence is very appealing.

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