Jane McDonald Reveals Her One Piece Of Priceless Travel Advice

Author: Isabella Sullivan

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And we couldn’t have said it better ourselves…

Jane McDonald has been back on our screens with her new Channel 5 television show, Jane McDonald’s Weekends Away.

The former Queen of Cruise has spent many years of her life travelling, from her days as a cruise ship performer to the host of hit travel shows like Cruising with Jane McDonald and Holidaying with Jane McDonald.

On the latest episode of the show, which airs Saturdays at 8pm, Jane revealed a nugget of priceless travel advice, drawing on her years of experience travelling the world.

Trying her hand at some hair-raising excursions, Jane told views: “While you’re fit and well, do as much as you can. That’s why I’m doing everything.”

The 57-year old joked: “Because I’m nearly 40 now, I don’t know if anybody knows that.”

During the episode, Jane engaged in some hair-raising and thrilling activities like jumping in a Wacky Races-esque toy car for a tour of Bucharest.

“When I hit a city for just a short period, I want to see as much of it as possible, and to enjoy a unique experience while I’m here, and this combines the two,” said the star on the racing cars – which are freely allowed to roam the streets of the Romanian capital.

Also on the episode, Jane overcame any nerves to sail high above the Spanish coastline in Sitges – a coastal town on the outskirts of Barcelona.

The loveable northerner revealed she hadn’t tried parasailing in 21 years, but on her safe return to land revealed it was the “highlight of her trip”.

Jane has been back on our screens with her new series Jane McDonald’s Weekends Away, which sees Jane travel to easily-reached destinations that make for the perfect mini-break.

Last week the star admitted to feeling a tad lonely without her “other half”, partner Eddie, despite travelling the world to sun-soaked and glamorous destinations.

Jane often opens up about her family, friends and romantic life on her shows, with viewers appreciating her honesty and vulnerability. On a recent episode of Cruising with Jane McDonald, she got emotional as she shared intimate memories about her father, Pete, who died in 1993.