Lisa Snowdon Interview: My Cruise Essentials

Author: Olivia Sharpe

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This Morning’s fashion expert shares her packing and beauty secrets

This Morning presenter and fashion model Lisa Snowdon has spent her career jet-setting across the globe on shoots and television appearances. So, you would expect that she knows a thing or two about travelling and knowing the essentials every woman needs to look and feel her best on holiday. Here, she shares her most memorable cruising experience, her suitcase essentials and top beauty tips and tricks.

Most memorable cruising experience…
When I was single a few years ago, I travelled with a friend aboard a Princess Cruises ship. We spent the first night in New York, then sailed to the Bahamas and Jamaica. I remember drinking more than a few Bloody Marys on board – it was a lot of fun.

What do you like most about cruising?
It also has that feel of old-school travel, which I love – the idea of carrying your hat box with you as you board.

Suitcase essentials…
Things that pack easily. Kaftans are good because they look expensive and lovely in the daytime, but they’re also great as cover-ups.

Lisa Snowdon wears colourful kaftan by pool on holiday
Lisa Snowdon rocks a colourful kaftan on holiday. Credit: Lisa Snowdon/Instagram

What’s your favourite swimwear brand?
I love Melissa Odabash. One-pieces are amazing because they cover a multitude of sins, which is perfect on a cruise when you’re tempted daily by the buffet.

Melissa Odabash blue maxi dress
Annabelle blue leaf belted maxi dress, £380, Melissa Odabash

Ultimate holiday wardrobe accessory…
Sunglasses – they’re my weakness, especially Ray-Bans. I like gold Aviators with a brown lens, or just a classic tortoiseshell design.

Lisa Snowdon's brown Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses cruise suitcase essentials
Light Brown Aviators, £136, Ray-Ban

How do you prep before a holiday?
I always get my nails and roots done before I leave, and a bikini wax. I might get a fake tan, too, but if I don’t have time for a professional spray I’ll use Espa’s Gradual Tan. That’s a favourite of mine because you can reapply it each night and it doesn’t go too dark.

Travel beauty essentials…
I always use a really high SPF cream – factor 30 for my body and 50 for my face. Vita Liberata does an amazing Body Blur, which is great for arms and legs, especially if you’ve got bruises or skin imperfections.

What would we find in your summer make-up bag?
Waterproof mascaras are quite handy; Clinique does a lovely one. Bobbi Brown has these chubby sticks that are like lip liners, but you can use them for your cheeks, too. A cooling spray from Mauli is fabulous for freshening up, but if you’re on a budget, Evian sprays are great, too.

Art Stick in Bare, £22.50, Bobbi Brown

Top holiday beauty secret…
I love Lancaster Tan Maximiser. I’ve found that if I use a high SPF on holiday and then the maximiser at night, I always go a lot darker.

Has your style evolved over the years?
I know what suits my body type and I don’t try to follow trends too much. Fashion for me has to be fun and it’s practical and comfortable as well. I do feel much more confident in myself. I’ve definitely evolved in terms of feeling more confident and knowing what I feel good in.

lisa Snowdon's laidback style sporting ripped jeans and a white t-shirt
Lisa Snowdon sports a laidback style at 47

Favourite outfit from an event…
I’ve got these great Pucci high-waisted pants and matching long-sleeved top which I wore to a premiere with my fiancé George. I love this outfit because it’s fun and lairy. I love Isabel Marant, too, that French understated look. There was a time when I was wearing lots of tight Balmain dresses, but now I’m more sensible. If I have my legs out, I won’t have my cleavage out. It’s not age-appropriate, but about knowing what looks right as well as being chic and understated.

Travel bucket list…
Bilbao, in Spain’s Basque country. I’m going there this year for my fiancé George’s 40th birthday. I’d love to get married abroad, but George is not so sure. I’m fighting to persuade him that we need a destination wedding!