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How Mobility At Sea Is Changing Cruise Travel For Those With Disabilities

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A disability should never be an issue when booking a cruise, and Mobility at Sea is here to help

For people with mobility issues, cruising is perhaps the most ideal mode of travel, with all facilities under one roof and being able to wake up in a different destination every day.

However, due to a lack of disabled cabins and facilities, it can seem a challenging experience for a disabled traveller. Mobility at Sea is looking to change this.

For more than 10 years, Mobility at Sea has worked with travel agents and some of the largest cruise lines in the world, helping them create a more accessible environment for passengers and welcome on board passengers in need of a little extra assistance.

Mobility at Sea
Mobility at Sea works seamlessly with cruise lines, like P&O Cruises

Cruising is perfect for those with disabilities, sailing to various destinations without having to disembark and boasting facilities like theatres and various dining options. It’s also one of the safest ways to travel, with strict health and safety standards, and onboard mobility is easy with lifts and ramps.

All these elements make it the perfect way for disabled passengers to travel, but still, the number of disabled cabins is quite low. Eliminating the need to choose a cruise based on where they want to sail, rather on disabled cabins and special facilities, Mobility at Sea offers a host of options to customise cabins and support your cruise experience.

This means you no longer have to fight to secure a disabled cabin, and can save time and money with a standard cabin.

Bed assembled on ship
Cabins are all set up before boarding, ready for your relaxation and enjoyment

With Mobility at Sea, everything about your cruise will be taken care of, with tailored equipment delivered directly to your cabin, ready and waiting for you when you board.

They even have a ‘Meet and Greet’ service inside the terminal, where a friendly member of staff will show you your chosen mobility scooter, power chair or wheelchair. This includes compliant motorised wheelchairs that are accepted in any cabin, and takes user weight up to 26 stone.

Getting around aside, equipment available from Mobility at Sea also includes toileting solutions, shower stools, adjustable beds and hoists, to name just a few. The vast portfolio of equipment allows the Mobility at Sea team to personalise demands and needs, so every customer has an enjoyable and fuss-free sailing, whatever their situation.

mobility at sea wheelchair
Wheelchairs are offered as a standard

From start to finish the process is simple, starting with a verbal consultation to discuss a client’s needs and wants. Mobility at Sea will then deliver all the equipment directly to cabins and make sure everything is set up for arrival, ready for you or your loved one to focus on the important stuff – exploring and enjoying the cruise.

Touches like profiling nursing beds allow passengers the chance to have a ‘home away from home’ experience, helping them feel more comfortable and at ease.

Mobility at Sea is not just for people with disabilities, but is also an extremely helpful and reliable service for the elderly, chronically sick, temporarily injured or those who have trouble walking or reduced mobility.

Electric Wheelchair abroad
Mobility at Sea has hundreds of glowing reviews

With extra facilities and equipment, families and friends will no longer have to worry about how their loved ones will cope outside their usual home environment, and only feel happiness at the prospect of them enjoying a cruise.

Mobility at Sea works with the likes of Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises and Cunard – giving clients endless exploration and sailing options.

From customer testimonies, it’s clear to see the positive impact Mobility at Sea has on travel for those with disabilities.

“The bed lever rail gave me peace of mind. Staff were very reassuring, polite, and helpful,” wrote one happy client. “We won’t hesitate to contact your company again for our next cruise. Thank you.”

Another added: ‘”Without the use of the hired wheelchair, it would have been virtually impossible to do all that we were able to. We will certainly re-hire next year if we are fit enough to go. Once again, impressed by the professional service & follow up provided.”

With Mobility at Sea, disability never has to be an issue when planning a cruise again. To learn more about these incredible services, head to the Mobility at Sea website or call 0800 328 1699.