Fred Olsen Cruises from Southampton are plentiful and full of choice. If you fancy a Fred Olsen mini cruise from Southampton then you can join a range of cruises exploring Northern Europe or even the British Isles. Of course, you may prefer something a little longer and opt for a Norwegian Fjords Cruise from Southampton or maybe even something even longer with the ultimate cruise, a Fred Olsen round the world cruise from Southampton.

Fred Olsen recently introduced two new ships to their fleet - Bolette and Borealis. Both ships have a small ship feel whilst being spacious onboard. Fred Olsen's cruise team pride themselves on offering the very best to their guests and their service is highly rated amongst the many customers who choose to sail time and again with Fred Olsen Cruise Line. You can be sure of great dining whichever ship you choose, the food often reflecting the region you're visiting.

Keep an eye out for Fred Olsen cruises from Southampton as deals are often available. Especially closer to departure.

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