Norwegian Fjords cruise deals from Southampton 2024, 2025, 2026

Norwegian Fjords Cruises from Southampton 2024, 2025, 2026

Quite simply, there are so many great cruises to choose from that the best Norwegian Fjords cruise from Southampton is one that takes you to see the destinations that you want to visit. Tending to vary between 7 - 14 nights fjords cruises from Southampton are likely to visit Bergen where you may see the colourful houses that surround the waterfront then heading north as far as Alta and perhaps to the North Cape.

Make sure that you visit attractions such as the Flam railway and pulpit rock and marvel at the awesome fjord walls as they rise above you. Look out for the abundant wildlife and enjoy the seafood whilst you learn about the ancient ways of life as you head further north.

You should remember that many of the destinations on your cruise are likely to be small villages and towns and some of the fjords are inaccessible to larger ships so you may choose to sail on a smaller ship when visiting the Norwegian Fjords. Norwegian Fjords Cruises from Southampton need not be expensive and you can find one from only about £500 per person for a week.

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