Cruise to Messina

Once the capital of Sicily's ancient kingdom, Messina is a testimony of unified civilizations from across the ages. Invaded by just about every power-hungry nation from the annals of history, the Arab, Greek, Byzantine, and Roman influences remain installed throughout the city's DNA.

However, despite the celebrated heritage, Messina has been installed with contemporary panache and a modern feel. Largely reconstructed under carefully applied security regulations following a series of earthquakes and wartime bombardments, Messina proves that cultural inheritance and present-day necessity can successfully go hand-in-hand.

Home to the Museo Regionale of Messina, known for featuring two of famed artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio's paintings, and a stunning Cathedral, the city has more to offer than meets the eye. You won't be disappointed.

Why cruise Messina

Messina is the gateway to Sicily and all its sun-drenched treasures. As a beautiful and authentic Sicilian landscape boasting the kind of historical heritage other cities would kill for, Messina offers an intoxicating blend of Mediterranean legacy and traditional values.

Easily explored on foot, the historic area around Messina's Cathedral is not to be missed. The Cathedral is dripping with late-Gothic portals, incredible architecture, and a religious calm established from generations of worship. For music lovers and avid historians, the largest polyphonic organs in Europe reside within - in perfect working order.

From stunning Ancient Greek ruins, to beautiful beaches and epic Roman landmarks, Messina has enough to culture to shake a bastone at. Not to mention the wine-related tourism that commences from the outskirts of town...

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