Grenada's capital, St George's, is home to a pretty harbour. Credit: Ambassador Cruise Line

Ambassador’s month-long all-inclusive Caribbean Cruise – from only £81 per night

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How does cruising the Caribbean for over a month, at £81 per night, sound to you? What if we told you that included outstanding cuisine, amazing entertainment and port calls in paradise? It’s not fantasy, it’s Ambassador Cruise Line’s new Caribbean offering

Of all the questions you ask yourself about holidays – where did I leave the passport? Did I cancel the milk? Will the kitchen sink fit in my suitcase? – there’s one aspect we often fail to consider: where do you picture yourself?  

That’s often a loaded question between heart and head, not to mention desire and cost. We all imagine those warm Caribbean waters lapping against those golden beaches, as the sun-kissed sands swirl between your toes, unwinding in the lap of luxury as one mocktail becomes nine, and you enjoy enough world-class dining to become Jack Marrow: Carbohydrate of the Caribbean.

Our subconscious frequently judges that such indulgence requires a small mortgage, and we resign ourselves to a grey weekend in Margate – but it doesn’t need to be that way. Courtesy of some clever planning from Ambassador Cruise Line, you can embark on a breathtaking journey to the Caribbean without breaking the bank – for as little as £81 per person, per night; all-inclusive!  

How does 39 nights aboard the plush Ambassador Ambition, departing from London Tilbury before exploring the Gems of the Caribbean Sea grab you? Or how about 45 nights on board the glorious Ambassador Ambition as it sails from Tilbury to Cuba & Treasures of the West Indies? Both cruises depart in January 2025, helping you to escape the bleak British weather in favour of palm tree-lined utopia.

Ambition entered Ambassador's fleet in May 2022. Credit: Ambassador Cruise Line

An Ambassador Caribbean voyage could be your ticket to paradise, chasing away those January blues with hefty dollops of swish entertainment, radiant skies, outstanding cuisine and decadent relaxation. On route to paradise, your package includes pampering amenities to relieve the strain of modern life, freeing your mind and expanding your horizons. But there is one problem – which idyllic Ambassador Caribbean cruise should you choose?  

A true taste of Caribbean Ambiance
From vibrant culture to stunning landscapes and blood-pumping salsa rhythms, the Caribbean provides a high-spirited approach to life – something that usually takes time and money to fully absorb. Step forward Ambassador, who can provide a desirable base for over a month’s worth of golden Caribbean adventure.

The whole package takes Ambassador line’s mantra – best value at sea – to record heights. Gems of the Caribbean Sea departs on January 5, 2025.   

Every port of call promises an intricate blend of calm relaxation and animated exploits, and – trust us – there are plenty of them. One of the highlights remains a stopover in King’s Wharf, boasting unique pink-sand beaches and deep-blue azure waters, alongside a tropical landscape like no other. Then there’s the seafood, which will knock your tastebuds into orbit.  

Other apexes of paradise appear upon the skyline via Mexico’s Costa Maya, Jamaica’s famous Montego Bay and George Town; the celebrated capital of the idyllic Cayman Islands. The voyage promises to be the perfect introduction to a more exotic lifestyle, but also a relaxed and colourful rhythm for those who have enjoyed the Caribbean before.

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You don’t need to worry about being caught in the tourist traps, either. Ambassador has gone the extra (nautical) mile to take you off the beaten path and towards lesser-explored areas of the glorious Caribbean.  

Ok. So, what’s the catch? This all sounds too good to be true. Amazingly, there’s isn’t one. In fact, there’s up to £1,600 off the original price. What was once £4,789 per person, has been reduced to £3,189 per person for a 39-night sailing, creating the deal of the century.  

Don’t forget, that price includes your breakfast, lunch and dinner, evening entertainment and free parking and coach transfers at Tilbury Cruise Terminal, which Ambassador Ambience then returns you to on February 13, 2025. That’s less than £82 per night for accommodation, travel, meals and everything else you could think of. It’s not a deal, it’s daylight robbery.  

Ambition for Cuba & The West Indies
Ambience’s 39-night Caribbean odyssey not quite enough exotica for you? Then pack your bags – minus the kitchen sink – for a 45-night extravaganza aboard Ambassador Ambition. Setting sail on January 9, 2025, for the Cuba & Treasures of the West Indies itinerary, Ambassador can help you swap cold nights for warm days, curing those winter blues with an escape to the crystal-clear seas of Praia da Vitoria in the Azores.  

After that, you can look forward to Antigua and St Kitts, before heading to the glorious Cuban heart of Havana and the shimmering beauty of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Curacao, Tobago, Grenada and Barbados then await, until a transatlantic glide to Lisbon, Portugal. You’ll arrive back at London Tilbury just in time for the British weather to start improving, on February 23, 2025.

Jamaica is the Caribbean island where people flock, as Bob Marley once sung, “to feel all right”. Credit: Shutterstock

The cost? Brace yourself. For a month and a half of exotic cruise magic, you’d normally be looking at £5,339 per person. However, Ambassador can offer lodgings, dining and ecstasy from £3,619 per person – that’s £81 per person, per night. Literally unbeatable, when you consider how much it costs to fly and book a hotel.  

The time will come when you are soaking in Havana’s Cuban charm, having lost yourself upon palm-fringed beaches, amid dramatic volcanic mountains and equatorial rainforests, thinking about those back in Britain – facing the sleet, gale-force winds and biting cold. And you’ll know that you made the right decision.  

After all, you only live once. And Ambassador Cruise Line ensures that you needn’t require a double-barrelled surname or an aristocratic bloodline to enjoy prolonged exposure to winter-avoiding paradise. Just remember to cancel the milk.  

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