Calum Brown

Heritage Editor

About Me

Calum holds a vast amount of experience as a writer and editor, having started out in motoring journalism and venturing into the world of American healthcare, before finding his true home in the cruise industry. He is well-versed in all things SEO and remains one of Britain’s most enthusiastic historians.

As a seasoned journalist, he has spent considerable time abroad and relishes all forms of transport. Shipping is in the blood, with a family connection to Stena Line embedded in his DNA.

Calum has developed a skill for bringing history alive, and always insists on making national heritage accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

He is particularly interested in the Golden Age of transatlantic cruising and never tires of exploring the archives. By keeping up to date with contemporary SEO measures, he is passionate about pulling heritage into a new age and keeping the legends alive. He also refuses to admit that 21st Century music exists. It’s Glen Miller and Ella Fitzgerald or nothing, baby.

His bucket list includes spending time in Long Beach on the RMS Queen Mary, tracking down the missing artefacts from long-scrapped vessels, and ultimately purchasing SS United States when that overdue lottery ticket comes in.

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