Plans Announced for Bigger Cruise Port in Antigua, Caribbean

Author: Isabella Sullivan

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Up to $50 million will be spent on a new pier and shops, aiming to accommodate the world’s biggest cruise ships…

The Caribbean has long been one of the world’s most popular cruise destinations, thanks to its turquoise waters, intoxicating culture and powder-soft beaches.

Scattered across beautiful islands, the region attracts countless cruise passengers, but many islands are looking to increase passenger numbers and drive tourism.

Amongst those is islands is Antigua, who has announced plans for expansion of its cruise terminal. The port has been taken over by Global Ports Holding, who is looking to expand its reach in the Caribbean.

Plans show that up to $50 million is set to be spent in the first year on a new pier and new shops near the cruise port, set to bring “meaningful change to the cruise port experience and cruise tourism in Antigua and Barbuda”.

Antigua Caribbean island
Antigua is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean

Along with the expansion, GPH also plans to partner with local operators to grow shore excursion opportunities and regenerate tourist attractions in the area.

The current cruise terminal in St John’s, Antigua, saw 800,000 passengers in 2018, with the plan to raise that figure to more than one million.

“By working in partnership with all stakeholders, we believe St John’s cruise port will act as a catalyst for meaningful economic growth in Antigua and Barbuda,” said GPH, according to Travel Weekly.

The terminal is being expanded to also accommodate the growing number of super ships, and will be able to berth the largest 5,000-plus passenger ships.

The expansion in Antigua follows GPH’s acquisition of the Bahamian capital Nassau’s cruise port, along with a bid to run Puerto Rico’s port.

“The commencement of this agreement is a significant milestone for GPH and is a further endorsement of our operating capabilities and the benefits that our stakeholder partnership approach can bring to cruise destinations, passengers and the local population,” said GPH CEO Emre Sayin.