Inside Gok Wan’s Cruise on board Princess Cruises’ Sapphire Princess

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TV presenter Gok Wan took his first cruise this summer on board Sapphire Princess when he hosted an inspirational style Q&A at sea

Before this summer, TV presenter Gok Wan had never cruised before, but he’s now a converted cruise lover. We sat down with the fashionista and body confidence hero following his adventure on board Princess CruisesSapphire Princess...

Gok Wan on Princess Cruises
Gok hosted a Q&A session on board the ship

What did you enjoy most about your cruise?
I loved the people and the food on board. I met some great people who I have stayed in touch with – it’s easy to make friends at sea.

What did you do on board?

I hosted a Q&A session in the Princess Theatre in front of a thousand guests. I talked about how and where I grew up, my family, how I got started on TV, why I love fashion and threw a few naughty stories in for good measure.

As someone who has never cruised before, what did you like about the experience?
My favourite part of the cruise was waking up, opening up the curtains and seeing the sea everywhere. I’ve never seen a view like that in my entire life. At night it was very beautiful too because it was pitch black which I thought I would find scary, but actually it was very liberating, with no lights, noise, or pollution and just the sky to keep me company.

Sapphire Princess Princess Cruises
Gok loved his debut cruise aboard Sapphire Princess

What do you like about cruising compared to traditional holidays?
Cruising really suits me as I like to keep busy, I like to talk to people and to do something day and night. Cruising is like being on a massive adult funfair on the water.

What’s your style advice for women (and men) who are going on cruises?
Don’t get too hung up on the idea that you have to get dressed up all the time. I had a pre-conceived idea that you had to be in black tie all day and night. On the formal evenings you may want to dress up a little bit, but keep it nice and casual in the daytime and as long as you are presentable and you feel comfortable then you’re fine. Remember, you’re there on holiday, it’s not a style test.

Is there a particular item you can’t travel without?
I can’t travel without my anti-static spray! Also, lots of pairs of sunglasses – you can never have too many.

Cruise to Japan: Cherry blossoms
… but a trip to Japan is top of his wish-list

What kind of packer are you? Do you travel lightly or do you take everything but the kitchen sink?
I am very neat, considered, and I like my suitcase to represent my personality which is a complete control freak!

What destinations are on your travel bucket list?
I’ve never been to Japan and I am desperate to go there. I have travelled to most of Asia now, but it’s the last country I haven’t seen.

Where are you planning on cruising to next?
I would really like to take my family on a cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore. My parents have never been on a cruise and I think they would absolutely love it. I would love to do some more cruises next year and take my show to the seas.

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