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Jane McDonald reveals 'favourite part' of cruise holidays plus tips for first-timers

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Jane McDonald has become something of a cruise guru among her fans - and in an episode of Cruising With Jane McDonald she revealed her cruise secrets.

Jane McDonald cruised on the Mekong Delta in an episode of Cruising With Jane McDonald Channel 5 repeated at the weekend.

In the beloved show, Jane shared what she likes most about cruise holidays.

The famous singer travelled from Vietnam to Cambodia onboard AmaWaterways cruise ship AmaDara in the episode aired on Saturday.

Cruising the river affords plenty of splendid views of the countryside.

Jane McDonald travelled from Vietnam to Cambodia onboard AmaWaterway's cruise ship AmaDara. Credit: AmaWaterways

In the episode, as Jane admires the scenery, she tells the camera: "This is by far my favourite part of any cruise - you see the whole world go by, I love it... that, and eating."

The star goes on to reveal that exploring solo is also a favoured pastime.

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As she walks around the ship, she explains: "I've got some time to kill and there's nothing I like doing more than wandering around the ship on my own.

"I do love the feel of this ship."

Cruising the river affords plenty of splendid views of the countryside. Credit: Shutterstock

Dressing up and heading to the bar also seems to be a winning combination.

"I have the best job in the world!" she exclaims as she befriends fellow cruisers in drinking.

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In the episode, Jane revealed the benefits of travelling by river cruise - and why it's so good for those new to cruising.

"For anyone who hasn't cruised before and is a bit worried about seasickness I recommend you dip your toe into cruising with a river cruise," she told viewers.

Jane McDonald says she has "the best job in the world!" Credit: Channel 5

"They are a lot more tranquil also there's no motion sickness because it's all flat - you won't feel seasick at all."

As for cruising in general, this form of travel has a huge advantage over others.

"Cruising [is] so special," Jane enthuses, "you move around different places and learn so much more than you would on a normal holiday."

The performer also shared some top tips for those looking to cruise.

Jane McDonald suggested packing a waterproof as Vietnam is a "tropical country." Credit: Channel 5

She advised checking in advance of travel whether you can exchange currency onboard if you're heading abroad.

"Some ships change currency, some don't - so check out if they do or not," Jane recommended.

As for what to take with you, Jane counselled not packing much if you're heading to Vietnam and Cambodia.

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“If you are coming to this part of the world, don’t pack," she advised. "Because everything is really cheap."

However, she did suggest packing a waterproof as Vietnam is a "tropical country."


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