Ocean cruisers switch to river cruising, claims Uniworld

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More than a third of passengers aged 50 and over who booked an ocean cruise prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, have since chosen to try their first river cruise in 2022/2023.

A poll carried out by Uniworld River Cruises revealed that 41 percent of respondents preferred smaller ship cruising and fewer passengers post pandemic.

Alongside an increase in cruise goers changing from ocean cruising, the survey also found that 30 per cent of respondents felt that river cruises offer more varied scenery while 17 per cent preferred the slower pace of itineraries.

Elsewhere 72 percent of those surveyed said they are keen to take more holidays from 2023 onwards, with just under half (44 per cent) aiming to go on two to three more holidays a year.

The data also showed land exploration is important to river cruisers with 70 per cent of participants confirming that they wanted to explore on land most days, or all of the time.

River cruisers were also revealed to be very active, with 64 per cent of Uniworld’s passengers over the age of 50 stating that they exercised more than three times per week.

Chris Townson, UK managing director of Uniworld Boutique River Cruises said: “The data from our recent survey among past guests and those with an interest in cruising has been really interesting and supported many of the trends we are seeing ourselves post-pandemic.

“It was promising to see such a surge in those who had previously ocean cruised then opting for a river cruise, as well as their motivations for travel in 2023 and the lust to do more.”

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