Oceania Cruises has extended its complimentary land programme. Credit: Oceania Cruises

Surf and turf: Oceania Cruises offers complimentary land-extension to select voyages

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For a limited time, take advantage of a three-day land extension before or after your Oceania Cruises voyage for no additional cost

If you’ve ever stepped off a ship at the end of a cruise and wished it could just continue for a couple more days, please, pretty please, then listen up! Oceania Cruises will make your dream come true and soften your transition back to land with a brand new (and limited-time) free land programme.

Oceania Cruises
is offering spectacular pre- or post-cruise add-ons for no additional cost, giving you the chance to extend your cruise adventure deeper into the destination.

For the same price as just the cruise alone, Oceania Cruises has curated a range of 24 land-based extensions, which include airport and hotel transfers as well as carefully selected accommodation in premium hotels.

The line is well-known for delivering guests closer to the soul of the destination thanks to their small-size ships, which are able to go to a wider variety of ports than larger-sized fleets. And with destination intensive itineraries ranging from one-week to half-a-year, there’s an Oceania Cruises' voyage for every type of maritime explorer.

A novel kind of ‘surf and turf’
While Oceania Cruises’ long days (and even overnight stays) in port are an excellent way of showcasing a destination, there’s always something extra that you could see… if only you just had a little more time.

Well, with the time-limited land programmes, you’ll have the luxury of spending a further three days in one of the line’s selected destinations for no additional cost.

Three additional days could cost you up to £4,159 per stateroom, but don’t worry about that – you won’t even have to open your wallet. What a rare treat!

Frank A. Del Rio, President of Oceania Cruises explains, “our land programmes are meant to deepen our guests’ experience by introducing them to the cultural and culinary discoveries, breath-taking landscapes, wildlife encounters and architectural awes of some of the world’s most faraway corners.”

How wonderful to enjoy all of that as a complimentary bonus with your cruise!

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Extend your cruise in Africa, Asia and beyond
The ‘free land programmes’ are available on 24 featured sailings in 2023 and 2024 and to take advantage of the special offer, you’ll need to make your booking by June 30, 2023.

If you’re planning a cruise to Australia, why not enjoy a few extra days in Sydney immersing yourself in the city’s fascinating Aboriginal history. Take the time to discover more about the oldest surviving civilisation on Earth.

The Sydney Harbour area is one of the most famous city sights in the world, and with time to enjoy it, you’ll be able to explore the waterfront Royal Botanic Garden at your leisure and maybe even enjoy a concert in the famed opera house in the bay.

The ‘Cultural Sydney’ add-on is available onboard Regatta’s ‘New Zealand discovery cruise’ (January 25, 2024), ‘Maori heritage cruise’ (February 8, 2024) and ‘dazzling Oceania cruise’ (February 24, 2024).

Explore Sydney, Australia's dazzling harbour city, with Oceania Cruises. Credit: Oceania Cruises

On the furthest reaches of the Mediterranean Sea and on the cusp on Asia, Jerusalem is a truly awe-inspiring destination that simply begs to be explored. The ‘Jerusalem: A Holy Sanctuary’ programme is available as a complimentary post-cruise extension on Oceania’s ‘Sheiks & pharaohs cruise’ (May 14, 2024), where you’ll also explore the Middle East and Egypt.

Jerusalem’s Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is central to the religious practices of Jews, Christians and Muslims. Whether you’re visiting as a personal pilgrimage to the Holy Land, or solely to witness the place as a fascinated outsider, Jerusalem is a city that will touch your soul.

Oceania passengers have the option to add a pre or post-cruise stay. Credit: Oceania Cruises

In South Africa, enjoy three nights in Cape Town before or after Nautica’s inspirational ‘South Africa spotlight cruise’ (May 9, 2024), all included in the cruise fare if you book before the end of June.

Three days in South Africa’s celebrated coastal city will give you the opportunity to indulge in wine tastings in the heart of the country’s esteemed Cape Winelands, as well as animal-spotting activities, for which the region is so widely heralded. In the nearby Aquila private game reserve, you may spot all of Africa’s ‘big five’ – what a way to round off a spectacular 12-day cruise.

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