Why choose Japan

Japan, a land woven with the intricate tales of samurai honor and the delicate art of the tea ceremony, offers an array of climates from the snowy fronts of Hokkaido to the subtropical warmth of Okinawa. Each region presents a unique slice of Japanese life, far removed from the bustle of typical tourist hubs. As a testament to its depth, Japan not only showcases bustling neon cities but also serene landscapes like the tranquil bamboo forests of Arashiyama. An interesting note: Japan is home to the most vending machines per capita in the world, offering everything from hot drinks to umbrellas.

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Japan is often seen as a pioneer in blending tradition with futuristic innovation, a trait that has placed it at the forefront of global tourism. While iconic landmarks like Mount Fuji are celebrated worldwide, the true essence of Japan thrives in its hidden mountain onsens and secluded temple retreats, untouched by the typical tourist itinerary and offering a profound sense of peace and authenticity.

For culinary exploration, delve into the world of Ramen. This dish, far beyond the simple noodle soup, involves intricate broths that simmer for hours and include locally sourced ingredients like miso, pork, and soft-boiled eggs, garnished with fresh scallions and nori. Japanese cuisine respects the balance of flavor and presentation, allowing even the unadventurous eater to savor unique tastes that are both refined and deeply satisfying.

Cruise lines such as Princess and Norwegian frequently include Japan in their itineraries, docking at ports from bustling Tokyo to historic Kyoto. Shore excursions offer an immersive experience into Japan’s dynamic blend of old and new, including tours of ancient shrines, participation in traditional tea ceremonies, or even attending sumo tournaments. Notably, figures such as the fearless leader Oda Nobunaga resonate throughout these locations, enriching visitors' understanding of Japan’s layered narrative. These cruises promise a comprehensive journey through the scenic beauty and storied locales of this fascinating country.