Why choose Kobe

Kobe, known globally for its luxurious beef but cherished locally for its scenic harbor and multicultural heritage, is a haven for travelers who relish both culinary excellence and serene cityscapes. The city's temperate climate, marked by crisp, cool winters and warm, humid summers, complements its relaxed atmosphere, making it ideal for those seeking a blend of urban exploration and natural beauty. From the vibrant Nankinmachi Chinatown to the tranquil Nunobiki Herb Gardens, Kobe is a tapestry of diverse influences and green escapes, crowned by its panoramic night views from Mount Rokko.

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Kobe's historical allure is deeply rooted in its role as one of Japan's first ports opened to international trade in 1868, which ushered an era of unprecedented cultural exchange and modernization. Despite its catastrophic earthquake in 1995, Kobe’s resilience and rebirth have inspired urban renewal worldwide, showcasing a remarkable recovery and transformation that continue to draw global admiration. Yet, beyond the well-trodden paths and reconstructed sites, Kobe’s old Kitano district houses a collection of Ijinkan (foreign residences) that quietly narrate stories of its cosmopolitan past.

Culinary explorers visiting Kobe should indulge in Kobe Beef Teppanyaki, a dish that epitomizes the city’s reputation for fine dining. This cuisine involves high-grade cuts of local beef, known for their flavor, tenderness, and well-marbled texture, grilled to perfection right at your table. Paired with locally produced sake or wine, this meal is not just a feast for the palate but a showcase of Kobe’s commitment to gourmet excellence using ingredients that are the pride of the region.