Why choose Valparaiso

Chile holds a central role in global tourism, and Valparaiso exemplifies this with its blend of architectural styles and its influence on poets and painters worldwide. While influencers have covered its picturesque views extensively, Valparaiso hides layers of local life in its alleyways and hilltops, waiting to be discovered by those who venture beyond the mainstream paths. The city's ability to inspire art and literature across continents continues to draw admiration, embodying a living canvas that invites exploration and appreciation beyond its surface charm.

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Valparaiso still echoes with the resonant vibe of the Chilean War of Independence. The area's colourful hills and cobbled streets act as a gateway to the genuine spirit of Chile. Valparaiso's temperate climate, with mild winters and warm summers, perfectly complements its vibrant street art scenes and hillside ascensores (funicular elevators), offering a unique blend of scenic beauty and historical intrigue. Tourists find a genuine slice of Chilean life here, far removed from the usual tourist circuits, with local markets and seaside cafes that reveal the true essence of Chilean hospitality. Intriguingly, Valparaiso is the birthplace of the famous poet Pablo Neruda, whose homes-turned-museums attract literature enthusiasts from around the globe.

Are you a foodie? How does the joy of savouring Pastel de Jaiba sound? A heavenly crab pie that encapsulates the essence of Valparaiso's maritime soul, made with freshly caught crab and a creamy, rich sauce, seasoned with the unique merkén spice—a smoked blend exclusive to Chile. This culinary delight is just the beginning of an array of local dishes that feature exotic ingredients, like loco (Chilean abalone) and piure, which you won’t find outside of Chile’s borders. These dishes offer a gastronomic experience that delights without needing daring taste buds, allowing you to savor flavors that are both extraordinary and heartwarmingly familiar.

Cruise lines such as Holland America and Princess Cruises offer journeys to this picturesque port, allowing travelers to explore Valparaiso's poetic landscape and historical landmarks. Shore excursions can take you through the life of Pablo Neruda, or to the famous Viña del Mar nearby, connecting you to the area's renowned figures like Salvador Allende. Each visit is more than just a stop; it's a step into the pages of a living history book, with tales of fame and sometimes infamy, woven into the fabric of this vibrant coastal city.