Why choose Puerto Montt

Welcome to Puerto Montt, where the majestic Andes meet the serene waters of the Pacific. This gateway to Patagonia is famed for its breathtaking landscapes, such as the Osorno Volcano and the emerald waters of Todos los Santos Lake. The climate here is a temperate rainforest, offering a unique blend of misty mornings and crisp, clear days, perfect for those who wish to experience nature as it's meant to be. Puerto Montt is a celebration of Chilean traditions, from vibrant local handicraft markets to the spirited cueca dance. A hidden gem in this picturesque locale is the Angelmó fish market, where the age-old bartering practices still thrive.

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Chile's astounding role in world tourism is highlighted by the fact that the country houses five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, showcasing its profound impact globally. While Puerto Montt may be popular among savvy travellers, the region holds secrets far beyond what's captured in fleeting Instagram posts. This area is a living museum, displaying the resilience and adaptation of its people through the bustling port and the quiet, enduring streets of its old town. What's more, the locals' reverence for the land and sea is manifested in their daily lives, offering a profound connection to every visitor.

One cannot visit Puerto Montt without indulging in Curanto, a heavenly feast of seafood, meat, potatoes, and milcao, cooked underground over hot stones. This traditional dish uses local ingredients like the Chilean potato and specific seafood found only in these southern waters, ensuring a culinary experience unmatched anywhere else in the world. The flavors here are as genuine as the landscapes, inviting you to savor every bite without needing an adventurous palate.

For those considering a cruise to this spectacular region, various reputable cruise lines offer journeys along the Chilean coast. The shore excursions promise unforgettable adventures, like visiting the historical site of the German colonization in Puerto Varas or exploring Chiloé Island, famous for its stilt houses and the legendary tales of its inhabitants. Among notable locals, Bernardo O'Higgins, often called the liberator of Chile, lends a historical gravitas to the area, ensuring your visit is as enlightening as it is breathtaking.