Why choose Arica

Arica, often hailed as the gateway to the timeless allure of Chile, cradles legends from the War of the Pacific, where its heroism is etched into every cobblestone. With a climate boasting nearly 300 days of sunshine per year, it offers a warm welcome to those seeking genuine engagement with local life, away from the crowded tourist circuits. Here, one can witness the vibrant authenticity of Chile, reflected through bustling markets and serene beaches that feel worlds apart from the usual destinations. Intriguingly, it's home to the world's oldest known mummies, predating those of Egypt, adding a touch of mystique to its already captivating atmosphere.

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This scenic spot is a central jewel in the crown of South American travel, with its historical resonance echoing around the globe. While influencers may have charted its landscapes and sun-drenched vistas, Arica hides layers of unexplored beauty, waiting for the truly discerning traveler to uncover. This place holds secrets behind its panoramic views, such as ancient geoglyphs that predate much of known civilization, offering a unique glimpse into early human society that continues to inspire global narratives and architectural styles.

Dive into Arica’s culinary scene with a spoonful of Pastel de Jaiba, a divine crab casserole that blends the ocean's bounty with creamy, rich textures. Local cuisine here makes use of unique ingredients like llajwa, a spicy Bolivian sauce, and quinoa, cultivated in the Andean highlands, offering flavors you won’t encounter elsewhere. Even the most cautious eaters will find delight in Arica's approachable yet exotic dishes that transform fresh, local produce into mouthwatering creations.

Leading cruise lines sail to this unspoiled haven, offering a variety of shore excursions that delve deep into its serene landscapes and resonant past. From guided tours exploring the legacy of the Chinchorro mummies to visits at historic sites like the Morro de Arica, travelers can walk in the footsteps of figures whose stories are woven into the fabric of the land. Each excursion promises a unique connection to the people and events that shaped Arica, making every moment ashore an unforgettable part of your journey.